White horse with blue ointment on ears in SPANA stables

Mais was brought to our veterinary centre in Wadi Al-Seer, Jordan, after she developed a painful infection in her right ear.

The 11-year-old working horse helps her owner Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Momani earn a living by ploughing agricultural land every day.

When Mais arrived at the SPANA centre she was very distressed. The infected ear was swollen and was leaking discharge. She was also hitting her head on the wall and shaking it vigorously because her ear was so painful. After the vets examined her, they also found she had an infestation of maggots in her ear.

20151021_092234Ibrahim didn’t know what had caused the bad infection, but SPANA vets explained that she had a small wound inside her ear and it was likely that it would have become infected as flies had go into it.

Our vets got to work right away by cleaning outside and around the infected ear and removing the maggots. They gave Mais anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce the swelling and antibiotics to fight the infection. They then applied antibiotic ear-drops and ointment to the ear daily. Luckily, after two weeks, the infection had completely cleared up and Mais was back to her normal self.

To prevent this happening again, they advised Ibrahim to put some netting over Mais’ ears as she works to stop flies and other insects from getting into them. Ibrahim said:

I heard about the SPANA centre through a friend who had brought his animal to you before and he recommended I bring my horse here for treatment. Thank you to the staff, who are great at taking care of animals.

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