SPANA farrier filing down Bullo the brown horse's hooves

When cart owner Almaztakele Megbaru noticed that her beloved six-year-old horse Bullo was having trouble walking, she brought him straight to the local SPANA mobile clinic to get checked over.

Bullo helps Almaztakele earn a living and provide for her family by pulling a cart that transports passengers and goods around the town of Modjo in Ethiopia. She noticed that Bullo started having trouble bearing weight on his right-hind hoof and was hobbling.

trimming-bullos-hoofSPANA vets examined, trimmed and cleaned Bullo’s hooves in case that was the cause of his discomfort but, despite this, he continued to limp. After further examination of his back legs, they concluded the pain was coming from his hock joints, which was likely due to pulling a particularly heavy load.

The vets prescribed Bullo with anti-inflammatory painkillers to improve his comfort and told Almaztakele to rest him for at least ten days. They advised that Bullo should then have a new set of shoes fitted and return to the SPANA clinic in two weeks
for a check-up.

While at the clinic, Bullo was also vaccinated against African Horse Sickness, an infectious viral disease that can be fatal.

Almaztakele was very thankful to SPANA staff for their help. She said:

Bullo is very precious to me and when I saw he was in pain, I made sure to rest him and brought him to SPANA to find out what was wrong. I’ve visited SPANA’s clinics before with Bullo and they show great kindness to the animals they treat.

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