Owner with brown horse

When Najib brought his beloved horse Bella to the SPANA centre in Casablanca, Morocco, with a fractured jaw, he thought that nothing could be done to save her.

Bella, a 14-year-old-mare, spends 6-10 hours a day pulling people in a cart, providing his owner, 22-year-old Najib, with his only source of income. Sadly, whilst Bella was working another mare kicked her, fracturing her lower jaw.

Luckily, Najib was able to walk Bella to his nearest SPANA centre where the vets immediately began providing free veterinary care. They sedated her to numb the pain, then surgicalgetimagely stabilised her jaw and gave her antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication.

Bella was also hospitalised in our centre and helped to eat special soft rations, multiple times a day. When her owner came to collect her, SPANA’s vets advised him to give her plenty of fresh, soft grass and rest until the surgical implants were removed.

After one month, Bella’s jaw was fully healed and she was back on her feet. Najib was incredibly grateful for SPANA’s support, saying:

I’m very happy that SPANA agreed to treat my animal, I thought the fracture was irreparable and Bella is the only way for me to earn a living.

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