SPANA vet technician with grey horse in Chemaia, Morocco

SPANA’s vet team at the Chémaia centre in Morocco helped a horse who was struggling to walk.

Whilst treating animals in Morocco, SPANA vets provided life-saving treatment to a 10 year-old horse with unbearable deformities of his lower forelimbs. In the city of Youssoufia, Happy works as a taxi horse, carryinews-happy3ng people and goods to generate income for his owner Mr Ahmed Elwatri. Unfortunately, as a result of chronic pain in his limbs from the heavy loads he had been carrying on hard roads, the tendons of Happy’s fetlock joints had become contracted and tight.

Happy and his owner managed to travel the 23km to SPANA’s centre in Chémaia. Here, this debilitating condition was treated expertly by our vets to improve his comfort. Happy underwent a standing operation to slacken his tight tendons under local anesthetic. The vets also administered an anti-inflammatory injection, a tetanus vaccination and some antibiotics as well as bandaging his legs with clean dry dressings to prevent infection.

The recovery period will take at least four weeks and our vets have advised Happy’s owner to give him regular breaks and to make sure not to overload him in the future. Fortunately he is now on the mend , and starting to live up to his name thanks to the incredible support we recieve everyday. Mr Ahmed Elwatri was extremely grateful and said:

Happy is the sole supporter of my livelihood; when Happy could not work, I could barely afford to feed my family.

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