SPANA vet treating camel

Yamen the camel is used by his owner Bahri Haddaji to take tourists out in to the Sahara Desert in Douz, Tunisia for two to four hours a day for a genuine Tunisian desert experience.

The nine-year-old dromedary camel came to the SPANA mobile clinic with wounds on his shoulder and neck –injuries sustained as a result of a bite from another camel.

img_2395Although Bahri had called a local vet to treat the wound when it first happened, he had not cleaned and disinfected the wounds often enough since, and they were now infected. As a result Yamen was unable to continue working which meant that Bahri, his wife, and five children were without income as well.

SPANA vets cleaned and disinfected the wounds and told Bahri that with a regular application of antibiotics for seven days and some prescribed rest, Yamen should make a full recovery in a little under a month.

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