Owner and child with horse and foal

Aicha, a horse in Morocco was recently facing a life-threatening situation.

When she arrived at SPANA’s centre in Chemaia, Aicha was weak, painfully thin and struggling to breathe. Our vet, Dr Youness, examined her straight away. He quickly found that Aicha not only had a high fever, her heart was racing and her gums were jaundiced.

Aicha is brought to the Morocco centre with parasitesDr Youness immediately suspected Babesiosis – a potentially fatal disease caused by a microscopic parasite that attacks the red blood cells. An urgent blood sample showed that Aicha’s red blood cell count was critically low. Severely anaemic, her life was in grave danger. Dr Youness immediately started Aicha on antiparasitic drugs, and monitored her closely over the next nine days.

Slowly but surely, Aicha improved. Thanks to the rapid action of the vets and the generous help of supporters, Aicha’s life was saved.

Please help us save the lives of more animals like Aicha today.


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