SPANA vet examining eyes of brown horse

Working animals are often depended on by families as their main, if not only, source of income. This pressure is intensified by the immense physical strain these animals are then put under by the work they do.

Bullo, the 13 year-old horse, works for up to eight hours a day, six days a week, pulling a cart over a dusty road in the neighbourhood of Modjo, Ethiopia.

Bullo’s owner, Gadissa, owns a small plot of land from which he harvests cereals, but this alone fails to produce sufficient income so he relies on Bullo to help provide for his family.
rsz_13datailed_examination_of_the_eyeSadly, Gadissa noticed that Bullo was struggling to open his left eye, which also looked incredibly watery. Thankfully, Gadissa acted immediately and brought him straight to the SPANA mobile clinic in Modjo to be examined by our vets.

After examining Bullo carefully, SPANA vets found that his painful eye was due to an ulcer on the surface of his cornea which had developed as a result of his poorly-fitting blinkers.

The vets used saline to clean the eye, administered antibiotic ointment and gave an injection of anti-inflammatory medicine to relieve the pain.

The SPANA vets advised Gadissa to clean Bullo’s eye daily and to apply the antibiotic ointment carefully as we had shown him. As well as this, Gadissa was shown how to fit blinkers in the correct way to prevent an injury like this happening in the future.

Gadissa was extremely grateful to SPANA for providing him with help and advice saying:

Thank you SPANA for helping my horse and allowing me to continue to support my family.

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