Owner next to mobile veterinary clinic with grey horse

When Tirign the horse was brought to SPANA’s mobile clinic in Adama, Ethiopia, his owner Emebet Woldeyohannes had strong suspicions about what was causing his stomach problems.

The SPANA vets diagnosed that six-year-old Tirign was suffering from diarrhoea and serious abdominal pain (colic). Emebet told the team that, four days earlier, Tirign had eaten some spoilt grain that had been left in a bag. Stored in the wrong conditions, grain can easily develop mould, and in this case, the grain was clearly the culprit.

11002587_10153618010020695_5939602639777195569_nEmebet, who is 39, lives three hours walk from the clinic and she brought Tirign on foot so that he could receive treatment.

Tirign helps to support Emebet’s family by working as a carthorse and transporting people. He works around eight hours a day, three or four days each week.

SPANA vet, Dr Nigatu, gave Tirign anti-parasite medication and a medicine to help reduce his painful stomach cramps. He advised Emebet to be careful not to leave spoilt or unsuitable food within easy reach of Tirign and to ensure that there is fresh food and plenty of forage available for him.

Emebet said her family and their animals have been benefiting from the SPANA mobile clinic for four years. She expressed her gratitude about the care received:

This is a great help for us. We often have no money, so without this free treatment there would be no way for us to look after our animals when they become sick.

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