SPANA providing blood transfusion for donkeys

When ten year old mule, Najia, arrived at the Chemaia centre in Morocco looking very thin, pale and weak, the vet team immediately tried to figure out what was wrong with her.

Brown working donkey being held by Moroccan man wearing long green robeThey took a blood sample and discovered that she was anaemic. The veterinary team decided that she urgently needed a blood transfusion. Luckily, resident working mule Lancelot was Najia’s knight in shining armour and gave two litres of his blood to her during the transfusion. She was also given anti-inflammatory medicine and left to rest.

Three weeks later, Najia, which means ‘survivor’ in English, certainly lived up to her name and made a full recovery, much to the relief of her owner Naïm Ahmed. Najia is
a vital part of her owner’s livelihood, working to transport passengers, goods and water for Naim, whilst also pulling the plough. Naïm has been advised to bring Najia in for regular check-ups at the SPANA centre in order to maintain her good health.

Naïm was very grateful to SPANA for treating Najia and said

“Najia has been mine for 10 years. She’s almost a family member. When she became ill, we were all affected by her mysterious illness.”

Najia’s treatment also came as a surprise, with Naïm stating that:

I never imagined that blood transfusion was done for the animals too. I thank the Chemaia centre staff for all their efforts that saved Najia

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