Around the world many working animals live and work in harsh conditions and can suffer from poor health and a lack of productivity due to prevalent infectious diseases and poor management practices.

Our work

Jasmin the foal

SPANA provides free veterinary care to working animals across many countries through a network of fixed and mobile veterinary clinics.

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Outreach programme

Each year, SPANA invites organisations worldwide to apply for small funds and technical advice for working animal initiatives. These projects include veterinary care, training and community development.

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Our research aims to generate the evidence we need to inform our decisions and policies.

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Vet Practice Talk Pack

SPANA desperately needs to raise more awareness of our work and the role of working animals worldwide. You could help by giving a talk about SPANA in your veterinary practice or in your local community.

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Veterinary Volunteer Programme

SPANA operates a volunteer programme for vets in Morocco. This is an enormously rewarding experience both for the volunteers and for SPANA's local vets.

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SPANA in the USA

Support for SPANA’s work reaches far and wide across the globe. Read on for more information about our activities in the USA.

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Responsible animal tourism

The Holiday Hooves Guide is packed full of advice on how you can choose healthy looking donkeys, horses, mules and camels for activities abroad

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