Vet Practice Talk Pack

SPANA desperately needs to raise more awareness of our work and the role of working animals worldwide. You could help by giving a talk about SPANA in your veterinary practice or in your local community.

Contents of vet pack

If you’d like to help SPANA raise awareness of the plight of working animals then giving a talk about our work would be an ideal way to do so.

SPANA’s specially prepared Veterinary Practice Talk Pack will include everything you need to give your talk. Included in the pack is a short film about SPANA, plus a PowerPoint presentation together with notes for each slide. You will also find some posters, leaflets and donation envelopes in the pack which can be used at your talk, plus throughout the year in your practice waiting room if possible.

The ideal time to give a presentation about SPANA would be at your practice’s client meetings or open days where you have a captive audience of animal lovers! You may also be inspired to give talks in your local community, such as at WI or Lions Club meetings. Your local library will be able to give you further information on groups that meet regularly in your area. If you’re a student then you could give a talk at your university.

What will your pack include?

1. Green DVD - short film giving an overview of SPANA's work

2. Blue CD - Powerpoint Presentation

3. Powerpoint Presentation Speaker Notes

4.  1 x A3 and 2 x A4 posters

5.  12 x SPANA leaflets

6.  6 x Donations Envelopes

7.  Volunteer Fundraising Pack booklet - information on other ways to fundraise for SPANA

8.  SPANA News our quarterly magazine


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