SPANA is part funding a one year project, in conjunction with the Mwamfumba Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society for Animal welfare aimed at improving the health of working animals and increasing knowledge of animal health amongst members of the community in the Chibombo district of Zambia.

So far training has been delivered by the Mwamfumba Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society for Animal Welfare and a government representative at Muswishi camp in Zambia to 15 community volunteers who were selected to become  community livestock workers. Since their training, they have been delivering a basic, preventative veterinary service to working animals in the community. Along with veterinary services that have been provided via a SPANA funded mobile clinic this will help to protect 6347 donkeys and working oxen against malnutrition and infectious disease, thereby supporting the livelihoods of the rural communities that depend on them.

All farmers in the project area will also be asked along to monthly meetings to discuss livestock issues.

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