Please help animals suffering from malnutrition

Take a minute to consider working animals around the world that have to endure the horrifying effects of malnutrition.

At this difficult time, help us reach more working animals

Thousands of vulnerable working animals are suffering in the world’s most isolated and hard to reach places.

Working animals are suffering needlessly.

Inadequate harnessing causes daily suffering for working animals across the world. Please help us stop the agony of harness wounds today.

She can barely move, let alone work

A lifetime of backbreaking work with no hope of retirement. That’s the heart-breaking reality elderly working animals experiencing painful arthritis.

Please help horses suffering from EZL

In Ethiopia, over 1 in 3 working horses like Shasho are under threat from the devastating disease EZL. Please help us protect these working animals.

Help Mali’s rubbish dump donkeys

Like you, we believe that every working animal deserves to be treated with humanity and kindness. Together, we are working towards a day when animal...