Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Working Animals Success stories

A working donkey waits for treatment at a SPANA mobile clinic in Mali

How SPANA saved Musa the donkey from a dangerous leg wound

When Musa the donkey injured his leg while working at a rubbish dump, SPANA’s vets were on hand to give him urgent treatment.

A camel with suspected scabies was treated by SPANA vets at a mobile clinic in Tunisia

Rescuing Ramil: how SPANA treated Ramil the camel for painful scabies

SPANA’s veterinary team in Tunisia treated a camel suffering from an excruciating itch and a dangerous skin infection.

The owner of a working horse with habronemiasis vists the SPANA mobile clinic in Tunisia

SPANA is a sight for Ziad’s sore eyes

Find out how SPANA’s veterinary team in Tunisia helped a horse suffering from the painful parasitic infection habronemiasis.

A working donkey and her foal at a SPANA mobile clinic in Mali

Moum the donkey gets a SPANA check-up

Find out how SPANA vets in Mali helped a 12-year-old donkey with overgrown hooves and teeth.

SPANA vets in Mauritania treat a horse with conjunctivitis and a blocked tear duct

Sight saver: how SPANA vets treated Med the horse’s painful eye condition

When Med the horse was suffering from severe conjunctivitis, SPANA vets in Mauritania were on hand to help him get better.

SPANA helps donkey trapped for seven days

SPANA came to the aid of a donkey who was left trapped and fighting for its life after the earthquake in Morocco.

Zine the donkey’s vital care at the SPANA stables

When Zine the donkey suffered a serious wound on his leg, he needed to stay at SPANA’s stables in Tunisia for two weeks.

Mule in Tunisia suffering from habronema and harness wounds

Beji the mule’s itchy eyes

Find out how SPANA’s veterinary team in Tunisia helped a mule with a painful eye condition.

Oxmo the donkey’s near fatal run-in with plastic

This International Working Animal Day (15 June), we’re highlighting the devastating impact of plastic pollution on working animals like Oxmo, a donkey who needed urgent...

A lifesaving stay at the SPANA stables

Find out how SPANA’s veterinary team saved Went, a donkey who needed three days of intensive care at our veterinary centre in Mauritania.

Helping Assimi the donkey harness a healthier life

When Assimi the donkey’s noseband caused a painful wound to develop across the bridge of his nose, SPANA vets in Mali were on hand to...

How SPANA got Zoro the horse back on the road

When Zoro the horse suffered a horrific injury to his leg, his owner took him straight to SPANA’s veterinary centre in Marrakech for emergency treatment.

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