Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Miruts the horse’s urgent EZL treatment 

When Miruts the horse developed epizootic lymphangitis (EZL), SPANA vets in Ethiopia worked quickly to treat this deadly disease. 

Nadia the mule’s new shoes

This World Animal Day, we’re highlighting the plight of animals, like Nadia the mule, who work in extreme conditions across the world.

SPANA puts the spring back in DJ’s step

A visit to SPANA’s mobile clinic in Samanko, Mali, saved DJ the donkey from becoming lame.

Nayef the foal’s road to recovery

When Nayef was injured in a road accident, the foal was admitted to SPANA’s stables in Morocco for expert treatment.

How SPANA put the smile back on Damme’s face

Find out how SPANA vets in Ethiopia helped Damme, a nine-year-old horse, when he had an excruciating wound on his tongue.

Bora the horse’s irritated eyes

Bora means the world to his owner, Teklay. When Bora was suffering from an eye irritation, Teklay turned to SPANA vets in Ethiopia for help.

Lina the horse’s parasite problem

Lina the horse was losing weight and had no energy. Find out how SPANA vets in Tunisia gave her the essential treatment she needed.

Working donkey treated by veterinarian

Derese the donkey’s eye treatment

On International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women who transform the lives of working animals like Derese, a donkey in urgent need of treatment from...

Warda the foal learns to walk

Warda the infant mule was born with a severe condition that left her struggling to stand. Find out how intensive treatment from SPANA vets in...

Keera the water donkey’s harness wounds

Keera the donkey was suffering from nasty wounds caused by a problem with the water cart she pulls and needed immediate help from SPANA vets...

Wahbi’s relief from a persistent itch

Wahbi the donkey had a constant itch that was making him sore and uncomfortable. Find out how SPANA vets in Tunisia helped give him the...

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