Donkeys in Tanzania forest
Donkeys in Tanzania forest


Working horse with arthritis

She can barely move, let alone work

A lifetime of backbreaking work with no hope of retirement. That’s the heart-breaking reality for most working animals in the countries where SPANA operates.

SPANA CEO Linda Edwards looking at a donkey in a stable

Thank you for your support this year

With your support, our vets have been able to treat so many vulnerable working animals in some of the world’s most impoverished communities.

Veterinarian treats donkey for dental disease

Save working animals from agonising dental disease

Imagine having toothache so severe you can’t eat. Sadly, dental disease in working animals is all too common, and it can put their lives at...

Working horse walking into stable with SPANA vet to recover from surgery

Provide lifesaving surgery to working animals in critical condition

Help SPANA’s dedicated vets have the vital medicines, surgical tools and specialist equipment they need.

Help build a new veterinary centre in Segou, Mali

Help build a new permanent veterinary centre in Ségou, Mali, and create a better future for working animals for many years to come.

Working donkey affected by drought in Ethiopia

Emergency appeal: Save working animals from devastating drought in East Africa

Working animals in East Africa are dying from the effects of devastating, deadly drought. Donate now to help provide lifesaving food, water and veterinary care.