School children in Guatemala sitting at desks writing in notebooks
School children in Guatemala sitting at desks writing in notebooks

Helping working animals in Guatemala

In Guatemala, working animals support the livelihoods of many communities by transporting goods and people and helping with agricultural work. SPANA is educating children across the country about the importance of working animals and how to care for them.

Guatemala at a glance

  • Population: 16.9 million 
  • Area: 108,889 square km 
  • Location: Central America 
  • Capital city: Guatemala City 
  • Estimated number of working animals: 181,814 
  • Number of children receiving humane education in 2022: 800 

Our work in Guatemala

Our education programme in Guatemala is designed to increase awareness of the importance of working equids in daily community life and to improve animal welfare. Children are taught about basic animal welfare and animal handling techniques through classroom-based lessons, stories, tailored worksheets and practical homework.

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