School children in Liberia standing in the playground
School children in Liberia standing in the playground

Helping working animals in Liberia

In a country still marked by conflict, the welfare of animal is often very poor and the status of animals is low. Our project aims to bring about long-term, lasting improvements in animal welfare by helping children – the next generation of owners – to develop their knowledge of caring for animals. Our education work consists of classroom-based and student-led animal welfare programmes in Lofa district, in the north of the country.

Liberia at a glance

  • Population: 5.1 million 
  • Area: 111,369 square km 
  • Location: West Africa 
  • Capital city: Monrovia  
  • Number of children receiving humane education in 2022: 4,084 

Our work in Liberia

SPANA’s animal welfare education lessons use a variety of interactive activities, including drama, role play, stories, games and drawing, so that children can learn to develop empathy and appreciate that animals have feelings and complex needs. Animal welfare clubs have been formed in schools and education kits have been distributed.

Fatumata’s story

Before attending SPANA’s animal welfare classes, 10-year-old Fatumata from Liberia felt scared around animals. Thankfully, our education programme, which has helped her learn how to care for working animals like donkeys and horses, has given her a whole new perspective. She is now a self-proclaimed animal lover, who loves to share everything she has learnt about keeping animals healthy and happy with her friends, family, and others in her community.

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