vets in namibia
vets in namibia

Helping working animals in Namibia

Working animals support the livelihoods of many families in rural Namibia by transporting people and goods, and helping with agricultural tasks. That’s why we’re providing veterinary treatment to help sick and injured horses and donkeys.

Namibia at a glance

  •  Population: 2.5 million 
  • Area: 824,292 square km 
  • Location: Southern Africa 
  • Capital city: Windhoek 
  • Estimated number of working animals: 205,529
  • Number of mobile veterinary clinics and clinical skills centres: Three 
  • Number of working animals treated in 2022: 1,202 
  • Number of animal owners trained in 2022: 672 

Our work in Namibia

SPANA is providing practical training to veterinary professionals. Our well-equipped clinical skills centre, based at the University of Namibia, is a compulsory part of training and study for university trainee vets. Students are able to use life-sized models and resident horses for practical sessions and day-to-day husbandry management.

Our mobile clinic provides vital veterinary treatment to sick and injured working animals. At the same time, our vets also provide training to animal owners so that they have the knowledge and confidence they need to care properly for their animals.

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