In the face of extreme poverty, the world’s most vulnerable animals must struggle on, overworked and starving as never before.

This is why SPANA’s vital work is more important than ever. Without the emergency feed, treatment and care our dedicated vets provide, the world’s hardest working animals would have nowhere to turn.

Just $5.00 can protect a donkey against the agony of tetanus.

Every animal we care for, every owner we train, every life we save… every single action we take to make the world a better place for working animals depends on donations from caring people like you.

We receive no government funding, and desperately need your support to reach animals at their lowest ebb.

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Mory’s story

For nine-year-old donkey, Mory, the danger is lurking under the rubbish that he wades through daily at the dump. Jagged cans could pierce his flesh. Endless broken glass bottles could cut him. Small fires, caused by the scorching summer heat and flammable materials could burn him. Yet, there is something worse – the risk of a deadly infection.

Mory is one of hundreds of working donkeys in Mali that transport waste from the capital city, Bamako, to the towering dumps in Lafiabougou. He already has a painful wound caused by knocks from his heavy rubbish cart, which puts him in more danger of developing incurable tetanus. Mory is surrounded by threat, and every step he takes could kill him.

His young owner, Ayiba, saw that his donkey’s wound was getting worse and, fortunately, he knew about SPANA and where to find us.

Our trained vets set straight to work, cleaning Mory’s painful wounds, spraying them with antiseptic and carefully dressing them. Most importantly, they gave Mory a preventative and lifesaving vaccine to stop deadly tetanus in its tracks. They also advised Ayiba about correct harnessing to stop his cart from running into the wound.

Without our help, Mory was at serious risk of developing horrific tetanus. Its bacteria would enter his body and, after days of intense suffering, stop him breathing.

No working animal should suffer like this.

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