Donkey's face
Kadin the working donkey

You can give back this Giving Tuesday by donating to help working donkeys like Kadin, who was suffering from painful back wounds.

In Nouakchott, Mauritania, Kadin and his owner, Amadou, deliver water to thirsty households.

After purchasing Kadin from another owner, Amadou noticed that Kadin’s back and shoulders were covered with deep wounds – a sign that Kadin’s cart harness wasn’t adequately padded.

Fortunately, Amadou knew about SPANA and brought Kadin in. The vets promptly cleaned the skin and disinfected the wounds. They put a circular doughnut bandage around the wound to allow the treated area to heal. Amadou was also instructed to wash Kadin’s wounds daily with water and salt to keep bacteria at bay. SPANA vets gave Amadou a new padded harness to prevent harness wounds in the future.

Amadou thanked the SPANA vets and was relieved to have his donkey on the road to recovery.

Kadin was lucky. Sadly though, so many other animals are suffering from terrible wounds that need urgent treatment.

Will you please give back today by donating to help other working animals like Kadin? Thank you so much.

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