Lameness can be a death sentence

When animals develop chronic lameness, they can become unable to work and are sometimes abandoned to face a slow, painful death. It’s tragic that horses and donkeys are dying for the want of simple, regular hoof care.

We urgently need your help to end this suffering and save the lives of working animals with hoof problems. Your support will also help to run training courses which will put skilled farriers at the heart of communities that rely on working animals.

Since 1923, we have provided vital support, emergency care and free veterinary services to working animals in the poorest and most isolated regions of the world.

Many thousands of working animals wouldn’t get the treatment and support they urgently need without generous gifts from caring people like you. Please think of them today and make a donation to help save the life of a horse like Teka.

How SPANA helped Teka

By the time Lemuel brought his horse Teka to one of our mobile clinics in a remote area of Ethiopia, it was almost too late. Teka could barely walk.

Without SPANA’s immediate treatment his chronic lameness would only have worsened and could easily have led to incurable damage. Lameness can, ultimately, be fatal.

It’s hard to imagine just how painful daily life was for poor Teka. His owner, Lemuel, relies on him to transport goods to earn a living. But with such severely overgrown hooves, joint swelling and possible tendon damage, Teka would have been in constant pain.

Every step must have been agony.

For some animals, simple hoof problems can become so severe that they are left unable to work due to agonising lameness. Sometimes they are even abandoned to face a slow, painful death.

Thanks to your donations, we can provide the life-saving care and medical treatment working horses like Teka so desperately need.

Our farriery technician skillfully trimmed Teka’s hooves and asked the owner to rest the working horse for at least two weeks. After proper farriery and some rest, Teka was a changed animal, able to walk normally and free from pain.

You can help us save the life of working horses like Teka with a gift of just $35 today.

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