SPANA team visits site of earthquake

We need your support to provide immediate lifesaving treatment, feed and water for working animals affected by the deadly earthquake

A powerful earthquake hit central Morocco on Friday 8 September, just after 11pm local time. Thousands have been killed and survivors are without clean water, food and shelter. Within minutes, communities and their working animals’ lives have been turned upside down. They are in desperate need of immediate, lifesaving support.

Donate today to provide emergency veterinary care, food and water to injured and abandoned animals.

Morocco was one of the first countries SPANA started working in, following our foundation 100 years ago, in 1923. Today, Morocco is home to our largest global programme and we remain committed to supporting the country’s working animals.

SPANA is currently working in the area affected by the Moroccan earthquake, in an effort involving three of our local teams. Our activities are focused on providing lifesaving veterinary treatment, care and food to injured and abandoned working animals.

A working donkey receives veterinary treatment by a SPANA team member after the earthquake in Morocco.
Working animal receives lifesaving veterinary treatment

We will also be helping working donkeys and mules who are currently supporting the rescue effort. With many isolated mountain roads destroyed or blocked with debris, working donkeys and mules will be essential to the rescue effort. These invisible heroes will be bringing essential water and food to those affected by the disaster, in cut off communities.

Donate today to provide lifesaving support.

You can help provide immediate lifesaving feed, water and treatment for working animals affected by the devastating earthquake.

Your support at this time will save lives.


Thank you

We would be so grateful for whatever you can give to this vital earthquake appeal. Thank you.

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