Despite exhaustion, hunger, thirst and pain, Kadi has to keep going. Donkeys like Kadi work on Mali’s rubbish dumps until they’re unable to continue. Walking over broken glass and twisted metal with a backbreaking load of rubbish weighing her down, this tired donkey couldn’t take any more. Her legs gave way and she collapsed in the mud.

Life is hard for humans and animals alike in Bamako, Mali’s capital city, where hundreds of working donkeys help their owners earn a meagre living carting away tonnes of waste from homes and businesses.

Sadly, donkeys are collapsing from exhaustion and dying from starvation and dehydration. Many resort to eating rotting waste – a diet that can kill by blocking an animal’s gut, leading to excruciating colic. Donkeys are also in danger of catching the potentially fatal disease, tetanus, through injuries inflicted by rusting metal and broken glass.

Your support can provide vital care to exhausted rubbish dump donkeys in desperate need and give them a better life. Please help today.

Kadi’s story

Every day, Kadi struggles up hills of rubbish, stepping over broken glass and twisted metal in sweltering 40-degree heat.

Struggling under a particularly heavy load, Kadi collapsed – overcome by dehydration, hunger and exhaustion. She fell to her knees in the mud and despite her best efforts, just didn’t have the strength to stand. Her owner couldn’t rouse her and he was becoming desperate.

Luckily, our SPANA team was already on site to provide tetanus immunisation to the dump’s working donkeys. When they saw Kadi fall, they rushed to her aid.

Our vets gave Kadi fresh water and high protein feed and allowed her time to recover her strength before gently lifting her back to her feet. They vaccinated the hardworking donkey against tetanus and explained to her owner how important it was to keep her hydrated and provide her with shade and regular rest. The vets also exchanged her owner’s painful makeshift rope harness for a soft, padded harness which wouldn’t cut into the donkey’s chest and neck.

Kadi is one of the lucky ones and was rescued just in time. Sadly, for millions of other weary working animals worldwide, help doesn’t arrive. Your support means we can provide more lifesaving care and treatment, and more humane education to owners. A kind gift from you today can help donkeys like Kadi are saved from a life of unnecessary suffering.

Thank you so much for your support.

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