SPANA cupcakes
SPANA cupcakes

Give in celebration to Spana

Jessie, SPANA’s Community and Supporter Care Officer explains how you can make your next celebration extra special by donating to help working animals in need…

One of my favourite parts of the job is thanking people for the wonderful donations that we receive as Gifts in Celebration. We receive donations for all kinds of celebrations, including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Last Mother’s Day, it was so lovely to see messages saying their donation is a gift to their amazing mother.

If your loved ones have everything they need and a celebration coming up why not make a donation to SPANA for them? Giving in celebration is an extra special way to give a gift to your friends and family whilst helping working animals in need, and it couldn’t be easier! You can make your donation online or call us on 020 7831 3999. (Please do let us know your loved one’s details as I’ll send them a special card or email).

Or perhaps you’ve got your own celebration coming up, maybe a birthday, an anniversary or you’re getting married and you simply don’t need another toaster! You could ask for donations to SPANA instead of receiving gifts and give a working animal the gift of working pain free, it may just make your special day even more meaningful. You can set up your very own webpage where people can donate quickly and easily from anywhere in the world and leave you a special message. Simply go to and select ‘Fundraise for us’, it’s as easy as that.

You could even make up your own wish list, by choosing from our range of Health and Happiness gifts. These also make amazing presents for your own animal-loving friends!

So whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, Mother’s Day, or any other important occasion – why not be like these SPANA stars who asked for donations in lieu of gifts on their special occasion:

Hilary and Mick Smith wedding

Hilary and Mick Smith set up a JustGiving page and asked people to donate to SPANA for their 40th wedding anniversary

‘I would have liked a more glamorous wedding when Mick and I married at a register office in 1975. Forty years later, I got the wedding I wanted, complete with wedding dress and the renewal of our vows!

‘We decided that rather than guests buying any gifts it would be more worthwhile if people would make a donation to SPANA, and raised £175! I chose SPANA because my daughter Anna had worked for the charity and I saw first-hand what wonderful work they do to alleviate the suffering of animals.’

Anne Yeeles birthday celebration

Anne Yeeles asked for cheques to be sent to SPANA for her 60th birthday celebration.

We were over the moon to receive £449 from Anne’s friends and family.

‘I wanted my 60th birthday to be special and memorable; I wanted a party that was going to be a treat for my family and friends.

‘However, I didn’t need presents. Instead I asked for donations to SPANA, so that my birthday could have a much bigger impact and help support the most needy of working animals. I thoroughly enjoyed my party, and it’s good knowing that many vulnerable animals will benefit too.’

Shirin Spencer 90th birthday party

Shirin Spencer chose nine different charities to benefit from her 90th birthday party!

SPANA was lucky enough to receive £300 from her big celebration. She choose charities that ‘strive to relieve suffering and give everyone and every creature a better life.’

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