Donkey pulling cart with garbage

A trip to Mali

Read about a trip to Mali to see how our team are helping working animals.

Donkey with man

Helping Momo – an overloaded donkey

Cart donkeys work under immense physical strain when pulling heavy carts. Read how we helped Momo, an overloaded donkey in Tunisia with painful leg wounds.

Big Knit banner

Big Knit: Bulo’s tale and our horse knitting pattern

Download our horse knitting pattern to help working animals who need treatment.

Children holding knitted animals

Big Knit: Hani’s tale and our donkey knitting pattern

Download our donkey knitting pattern to help animals like Hani.

Working oxen and man

Big Knit: Keeping oxen fit and healthy

Download our ox knitting pattern and help us keep healthy oxen working in communities that rely on them.

Logo 'Animal friends feel good insurance'

Elaine Fairfax’s Guest Blog: Animal friends pet insurance

Read about how Animal Friends Pet Insurance helps to support SPANA's work.

Two horses drinking near to group of people

Tackling malnutrition with training

Despite gruelling workloads, many of the working animals SPANA vets treat are suffering malnutrition.

Donkey lying down in field

Working in war zones – animals in conflict

We look back at the charity’s history of working in war zones to help animals in conflict situations.

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