SPANA Morocco Earthquake Emergency Response – Week 1 update

Following the devastating earthquake in Morocco on Friday 8 September, SPANA teams have been working tirelessly to provide lifesaving care and support to working animals in desperate need. Our teams are delivering vital veterinary treatment to animals who have been injured or abandoned, as well as helping the working mules and donkeys who are supporting the rescue teams by transporting supplies and essential aid to cut-off communities.

During the week of 12 September, SPANA teams worked in affected areas across the Atlas Mountains, including in Anougal and Oulad Mtaa.

grey donkey receives treatment from SPANA vet

Among the many working animals we have been able to help this week, thanks to our supporters, was a donkey who had collapsed. The donkey was diagnosed with a painful neck injury and received treatment from our veterinary team. Our vets are providing ongoing care for the donkey as it recovers at our SPANA centre in Marrakech.


brown donkey being stroked by people with rescue team in orange jackets behind them

On Friday 15 September, we also provided emergency treatment, feed and water to a donkey in Imi Nissli, who had been left trapped and fighting for its life after the earthquake. This donkey was safely retrieved from the wreckage of a building by the UK International Search and Rescue (ISAR) team, who were in the village providing support. Following a two-hour rescue operation, the ISAR team safely retrieved the donkey from the dangerous ruins. After carefully administering treatment, the SPANA team gave the donkey a whole bucket of water – which it quickly consumed. The donkey is expected to make a full recovery from his ordeal.


white mule carrying food

During the weekend of 16 and 17 September, SPANA teams, led by our Country Director, Professor Hassan Alyakine, distributed 20 tonnes of animal feed across seven villages in the region of Imlil. On Saturday alone, SPANA reached working animals, including 400 mules.


SPANA’s Chief Executive, Linda Edwards, and Director of Global Animal Welfare, Dr Linda Evans, travelled to Morocco during the week to support our local teams as they provide a lifeline for vulnerable working animals.

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