Person donating to SPANA at a fundraising event
Person donating to SPANA at a fundraising event

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Finding new ways to support a charity through virtual fundraising has never been more critical amid the Covid-19 pandemic. As the world moves to an online-first approach in a bid to help with social distancing and safety, there are still many virtual fundraising ideas that can help support the vital work that charities like SPANA continue to do.

The outbreak has affected our lives in many ways, including how we are able to fundraise for the welfare of working animals. While holding the usual fundraising events or collecting physical cash in buckets is currently not advised, here are several fun virtual fundraising ideas that can help support charities during the pandemic and local lockdowns.

Person donating to SPANA at a fundraising event

Virtual Charity Coffee Morning/Tea Party

If you’re missing your friends or local community groups, why not hold a virtual coffee morning or tea party? Hosting a tea party for charity will bring people together and directly support charities through donations. Accept donations and create a short but accessible shopping list at one shop so everyone can get involved whilst eating similar treats.

This is also something you can open up to neighbours, or anyone who may need that extra bit of company during the pandemic. To find out more on how to host a tea party and how it helps support charities, visit our SPANA World Tea Party page for your exclusive pack, including several delicious recipe ideas.

Virtual Charity Raffle

This traditional fundraiser doesn’t have to be held in person and is a great way to raise some funds for your chosen cause. Get in touch with local businesses that may be willing to offer a free product or service in the name of charity. Let people know how they can get involved and then host a virtual event and draw the winners out of a hat.

Host a Virtual Big Knit for Charity

Knitting is both practical and therapeutic at the best of times – combine that with a good cause, and you have the perfect combination for a virtual fundraising event.

This year we’re encouraging people who want to take a different approach to ‘traditional’ fundraising methods to get involved in our Big Knit for Vets. Download your Big Knit for Vets fundraising pack and decide whether to do a sponsored knit or encourage animal-lovers you know to keep one of your creations and donate to us directly.

Charity Fundraising for your Birthday

Unfortunately, a ‘lockdown-birthday’ is something that many of us have experienced. While we cannot celebrate with friends and family in the usual way, you can ask them to donate what they may have spent on a birthday present to a good cause instead.

Facebook birthday fundraisers is a tool that allows individuals to run a virtual fundraising campaign. It is shared with friends and connections, with all donations going to your selected charity. If you aren’t on social media, you can set up a JustGiving page instead or encourage loved ones to donate directly to the charity.

Virtual Charity Quiz

Not only is a virtual quiz a great way to socialise with people, but it’s also a pleasant distraction from daily life, adding some fun and humour to an otherwise ‘typical’ week. As a virtual fundraising idea, participants can pay a small fee to take part in the virtual quiz, which can then be donated to charity.

Quizzes can be organised through platforms such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangouts – whichever is easiest and accessible for most people – and there could even be a prize for the winner or winning team.

To make quizzes more open and inclusive, we recommend themed quizzes – such as Harry Potter, food or animal quizzes – to get everyone of all ages involved.

Online Charity Donating

Those of us who are working from home may be saving money right now as we’re avoiding our daily commute, staying in for dinner and steering clear of smaller treats such as a daily coffee. If this is the case, making a one-off donation to one of your favourite charities is a fantastic way to show continued support.

Most charities have different methods of donation outlined on their websites, such as monthly donations via direct debit or by sending a one-off gift. Easy accessibility to the internet for many means that donating to charities is now almost effortless.

Virtual Charity Movie Night

It may not be possible to go to the cinema or the theatre at the moment. However, thanks to platforms that have created real-time group watching, you can still have a virtual cinema experience with friends and family. Simply settle down on the sofa with your favourite film and discuss the going ons in a dedicated virtual chat system.

Charge a small entrance fee to collect money for your favourite charity. You can even choose a movie theme that fits the charity; War Horse or Seabiscuit could be great for SPANA fundraising for working horses.

Whichever virtual fundraising event you choose, be sure to set up a JustGiving page and ask your guests and participants to donate. Should you be opening the event to anyone, you can also ask people to spread the word further.

To help continue the work protecting the welfare of working animals, donate to SPANA today.

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