Horse standing next to woman sitting
Horse standing next to woman sitting

Philanthropy and major gifts

Vet treating horse's eye

You can help make a massive difference to the lives of working animals through your philanthropy – whether it is supporting our core work with a significant donation or funding an entirely new project. 

Many donors and charitable trusts support our core work through major gifts. This is vital to enable SPANA to continue providing hundreds of thousands of treatments to sick and injured animals each year and essential animal welfare education for owners and children. SPANA’s work helps both working animals and the people who depend on them: their owners, families and often whole communities. 

Some donors and charitable trusts prefer to support entire projects or component parts through their philanthropy. These major gifts are crucial to get pilot projects off the ground, expand existing projects and conduct innovative research, particularly where grants are contingent on matched funding. Read on for some current projects that we are seeking funding for, or get in touch if there is a specific area of our work that you are interested in.

Working donkey eating next to a SPANA vet

Current projects that we are seeking funding for are:

COVID-19 Crisis

Around the world, many owners are continuing to feel the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As the devastating economic effects of national lockdowns become apparent, many animal owners are struggling to make ends meet because they can no longer work. Without an income, many are unable to feed their precious working animals or, in some cases, cannot afford to keep them at all. We have seen a significant increase in the number of malnourished animals, some of whom have been abandoned on roadsides by their desperate owners.  

SPANA has been running emergency feeding programmes to help working animals survive through these bleakest of times. As well as offering feed, SPANA has been encouraging animal owners to collect, prepare and store feed to ensure food availability in the long term. We are also providing animal owners with training on how to best care for working animals, and how to keep themselves and their families safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please consider a donation to SPANA’s core costs to ensure that our charity and the animals we help can survive this crisis. 

Mali mobile vet clinic for working animals

Mali Mobile Clinics

Communities across Mali depend on their working donkeys, horses and camels to generate vital income and reach essential services such as schools, hospitals and water points. Losing a precious animal can result in a family falling deeper into poverty, but despite their importance, there is a severe shortage of veterinary services across Mali.  

SPANA’s two mobile clinics provide a vital service to working animals belonging to families who would not otherwise be able to afford, or reach, veterinary care. The mobile clinics travel vast distances to reach remote towns and villages. They also regularly visiting the towering rubbish dumps surrounding the city of Bamako, where particularly vulnerable donkeys work. Your donation could keep our mobile clinics on the road, stocked with medicines and staffed with vets and technicians to provide vital treatment for working animals in desperate need. Please help if you can. 

Learn more

To learn more about how your philanthropy can improve the lives of working animals and the families that depend on them, please contact Kirsty Brzeczek at or Caroline Francis at 

We will ensure you are provided with updates and regular reports to keep you informed on the progress of your project, and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have.