a collection of three working donkeys
a collection of three working donkeys

World Donkey Day

For this year’s World Donkey Day, on 8 May 2024, we are celebrating the vital role millions of working donkeys play across the world.

Working donkeys

From transporting goods, to assisting with agricultural tasks, donkeys are a lifeline to rural and low-income communities across the world. But unfortunately, many working donkeys don’t have access to the support they need and deserve.

SPANA makes veterinary treatment more accessible to working donkeys in need by providing care through our fixed and mobile clinics across 16 countries.

We also provide training to working-donkey owners, so they’re empowered with the skills and knowledge they need to best care for their donkeys.

And through interactive and engaging lessons, we educate children – the future working donkey owners – on the welfare needs of donkeys.

Did you know...?

There are an estimated 50 million donkeys across the world

SPANA provided treatment to 216,986 working donkeys across sixteen countries in 2023-2024

Donkeys have been used as working animals for approximately 5,000 years

Donkey Skin Trade

The lives of millions of donkeys across the world have been at risk due to the growing demand of ejiao – an ingredient extracted from the collagen in donkey skins that is used in traditional Chinese remedies and cosmetic products. This cruel trade has seen countless numbers of donkeys sold or stolen before being brutally slaughtered for their skin.

SPANA, working alongside partners, has been instrumental in securing a historic ban on the donkey skin trade across Africa. The moratorium, which was announced on 18 February 2024 at the 37th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly in Addis Abana, Ethiopia, is a momumental achievement in working animal welfare and will protect millions of donkeys across Africa.

Support working donkeys

Help support working donkeys by purchasing a thoughtful SPANA e-gift! We have a wide range of fantastic gifts you can buy for yourself or a loved one to help working donkeys in need – from wound dressings and bandages for an injured animal, to essential farrier care and hoof treatment. Find out more and buy an e-gift today!

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