Group of schoolchildren holding drawings of animals
Group of schoolchildren holding drawings of animals

Helping working animals in Sierra Leone

With no specific animal protection laws, animal welfare is a very new concept in Sierra Leone. Working animals are often taken for granted, despite the livelihood of many families depending on their crucial work. That’s why SPANA’s animal welfare education lessons are helping children and communities to nurture respect for the nation’s animals.

Sierra Leone at a glance

  • Population: 7.9 million 
  • Area: 71,740 square km 
  • Location: West Africa 
  • Capital city: Freetown 
  • Estimated number of working horses: 445,118 
  • Number of children receiving humane education in 2022: 7,500 

Our work in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, our animal welfare lessons – the only school-based humane education programme in the country – aim to protect the welfare of animals by helping children gain a better understanding of animals’ needs. Thousands of children are taking part in our education programme each year through animal welfare clubs and school assemblies.

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