Donkeys in Tanzania forest
Donkeys in Tanzania forest


Veterinarian treats donkey for dental disease

Save working animals from agonising dental disease

When dental problems are left untreated in working animals it can lead to starvation.

Working donkey suffering from parasites

Help treat working animals suffering from parasites

Parasites can cause everything from malnutrition to damaged organs – even death. Will you relieve working animals of the agony of parasites?

Help build a new veterinary centre in Segou, Mali

Help build a new permanent veterinary centre in Ségou, Mali, and create a better future for working animals for many years to come.

Working donkey affected by drought in Ethiopia

Emergency appeal: Save working animals from devastating drought in East Africa

Working animals in East Africa are dying from the effects of devastating, deadly drought. Donate now to help provide lifesaving food, water and veterinary care.

Provide emergency treatment for working animals suffering from serious injuries

Working animals are at risk of serious injuries because of the hazardous environments they work in.

Help save animals from the agony of lameness

Every day, thousands of working animals endure the unbearable pain of lameness, preventing them from standing or moving normally. They need your help today.