Our Celebrity Supporters


John Craven headshot

John Craven OBE, FLS

‘I first encountered SPANA when I made a television documentary [Animal Sanctuary – Morocco, 1995] about its work with donkeys, mules and horses in Morocco and was appalled at the level of cruelty I saw. Horrendous bits made from barbed wire accounted for just some of their suffering as they were worked to an early death, overburdened and with little or no compassion ever shown. Many were not even given a name. I saw at first hand the tireless efforts of SPANA vets and their teams as they gave free treatment and passed on the message that, not matter how poor the owners, it makes economic sense to treat these animals with kindness and respect. I resolved then to give my support to SPANA’s vital work among the working animals of the developing world. As a lifelong animal lover, it is an honour to be Patron of a charity that makes such a tremendous difference to the lives of working animals in many of the world’s most poverty-stricken countries.’

‘In these difficult times, there has never been more demand for SPANA’s help. I commend the charity for everything it has achieved and would encourage everyone to help SPANA continue its important work.’

SPANA Ambassadors

Jim Broadbent Headshot

Jim Broadbent

‘Since the charity was started by Kate and Nina Hosali back in 1923, SPANA has been transforming the lives of working animals across the world. Its founders were determined to put a stop to animal suffering by treating wounds and illnesses, but they also realised that for real change to happen, it was essential to educate owners and equip them with the tools to care properly for their animals.

‘Today, SPANA remains committed to continuing the work Kate and Nina began and building on their legacy. The charity is working in more locations worldwide and, thanks to its loyal supporters, is able to help even more animals in urgent need. But the fundamental principles of treatment, training and teaching remain at the core of everything they do.

‘I am proud to be an Ambassador for an organisation that is making such a remarkable difference, every single day, to working animals and the communities that rely on them so profoundly.’

Dame Twiggy Lawson Headshot

Dame Twiggy Lawson DBE

‘I’m incredibly proud to support SPANA’s work helping working animals in the world’s poorest countries. These animals work so hard and deserve the same care and compassion as our own precious pets at home. Please join me in supporting SPANA to help ensure these hardworking animals can live a life free from pain and suffering.’

Brian Blessed Headshot holding a white dog

Brian Blessed OBE

‘SPANA is a wonderful charity and I am delighted to be an Ambassador. As an animal lover, it’s terrible to see the suffering that so many working animals have to endure. People and animals in the world’s poorest communities face unimaginably hard lives, and it is working animals that make it possible for families to put food on the table. It gives me great hope and reassurance that SPANA is there to fight their corner – and with our support, the charity can do even more.’

Peter Egan Headshot

Peter Egan

‘As a proud Ambassador for SPANA, I wholeheartedly support the charity’s work helping the world’s working animals. From the vital veterinary care provided at its centres, to mobile clinics that reach animals in the most remote and inaccessible areas, SPANA is always there for donkeys, horses, camels and elephants in need.

‘SPANA’s community training teaches owners how to better care for their working animals, and its education programme for children build solid foundations of empathy and respect among the owners of the future. This is crucial in ensuring that future generations understand that animals are sentient beings who deserve our care and compassion.

‘Every day, SPANA is transforming the lives of working animals across the world – and the charity is very worthy of our support.’

Dr Marc Abraham sitting on the floor brushing a brown goat

Dr Marc Abraham OBE

‘It gives me great pleasure to be an Ambassador for SPANA. As a veterinary professional, the charity’s work is very close to my heart.

‘In developing countries around the world, SPANA’s teams work tirelessly to ensure that working animals receive vital care and avoid needless suffering. In many poverty-stricken communities, sick and injured animals would simply have no access to veterinary treatment without SPANA.

‘SPANA provides a lifeline to hardworking animals who perform such essential roles and who urgently need our support. The charity’s commitment to these animals is constant, and it has my full backing.’

Dr James Greenwood with two donkeys with their heads poking through a white fence

Dr James Greenwood

‘It’s an honour to be an Ambassador for SPANA. I’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand the charity’s incredible work on the ground and that really opened my eyes to how much people in both the developing world rely on working donkeys, mules and horses for transport and to earn a basic income.

‘There’s a huge need for the free veterinary care that SPANA provides around the world, and I feel very lucky to have spent time with the charity’s fantastic veterinary staff, who are making an unbelievable difference to both working animals and the people who depend on them.’