Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

two men with a horse in india

Saving animals in India’s deadly cyclone

Cyclonic Storm Titli made landfall in Odisha, India, on 11 October, bringing extensive flooding and landslide in its wake. Read how SPANA helped here.

horse being treated in morocco

Rescuing Rehana from a sad fate

Rehana was close to death when cart driver Hassan found her. Read how the SPANA team managed to nurse the fragile animal back to health.

a donkey getting treatment in Mali

Nene’s injury threatens a village’s survival

Nene the donkey was in pain and struggling to walk. Hiis owner Moala is disabled and relies on Nene for his own independence. Read how...

a man walking his horse

Bezina is saved from a death sentence

EZL has devastated Ethiopia’s working horse population in recent years. Read how SPANA helped carthorse Bezina from suffering the same fate.

white horse in botswana

A blessing in Botswana

SPANA’s mobile clinic in Botswana travels hundreds of miles every week to treat working animals in remote rural villages. Read more here.

vets treating a horse

Spana hits the nail on the head

Following multiple trips to the vet, Umar’s lameness was still a mystery. Find out how SPANA vets identified the problem and stopped his suffering here.

horse with owner

Hajrass brings hope for the future

When Sossi brought his foal Hajrass to SPANA, he was worried that the sick horse had little hope of survival. Read how SPANA intervened to...

a horse eating some hay with his owners

Sarie’s close call

Read about how SPANA’s intervention was the difference between life and death for Sarie the horse.

Man standing next to camel

One treatment saves two lives in India

SPANA vets in India were delighted to see Durga and his camel Hira again. Discover why.

Zawadi donkey being treated by a vet

An ear-itating injury

Read how our SPANA mobile clinic came to the rescue of Zawadi the donkey.

Amir and his horse Zouhara

A stitch in time for Zouhara’s chest wound

Discover how SPANA vets helped Zouhara the horse in Morocco.

Bitoo the camel and owner

Bitoo’s life-threatening infection

Find how we helped Bitoo the camel in India.

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