Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Man and his camel

Arjun’s medical reboot

Hundreds of donkeys work pulling heavy loads up and down the dangerous rubbish dumps of Bamako, Mali. For one animal, the strain of the work had resulted...

A boy looks after his family's horse, Costa Rica

Taking pride in Costa Rica’s horses

For many children who grow up in rural Costa Rica, horses are so ubiquitous that they often go unnoticed. But SPANA-funded welfare classes encourage children to...

Saber the horse is treated for itchy eyes in Tunisia

Saber is healed in the blink of an eye

Discover how SPANA vets helped Zouhara the horse in Morocco.

A SPANA vet treats a donkey in Tunisia

SPANA soothes Melik’s wounds

Our mobile clinic in Tunisia travels hundreds of miles every week to treat working animals in remote villages. Read how they helped Melik recover...

Mali rubbish and donkeys

Kadi gets help just in time

Struggling under a particularly heavy load, Kadi collapsed – overcome by dehydration, hunger and exhaustion. Read how SPANA vets rushed to the rescue.

Donkey's face

Kadin’s back on the road to recovery

Discover how SPANA vets helped Zouhara the horse in Morocco.

Najia stands with her mother while receiving follow up care at home outside of Chemaia

A little survivor beats the odds

When two-week old Najia first came to the SPANA centre in Chemaia, Morocco, she could barely stand.

Regina lends a helping hand to animals in Tanzania

12-year-old Regina embraces a message of compassion towards working animals through SPANA's humane welfare education classes in Tanzania. 

Camel facing camera

A camel’s eye trauma

When Bari took a nasty knock to his eye, SPANA vets were quick to the scene to give medical attention.

Vet treats skin wound on donkey

Even Superman needs medical assistance

Discover how SPANA vets helped Zouhara the horse in Morocco.

a donkey getting treatment in Mali

Nene’s injury threatens a village’s survival

Nene the donkey was in pain and struggling to walk. Hiis owner Moala is disabled and relies on Nene for his own independence. Read how...

two donkeys in bamako with their owner

Treating Sikoloman the donkey in Bamako

When one donkey, Sikoloman, started having trouble walking, the SPANA vets were on hand to help.

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