Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

SPANA’s EZL training saves Bekele the horse 

When a friend spotted that Bekele the horse had the classic signs of Epizootic Lymphangitis (EZL), his owner, Girma, immediately took him to see SPANA...

Asmaa the donkey’s excruciating arthritis 

Find out how SPANA vets in Tunisia helped ease the discomfort of Asmaa, an elderly donkey suffering from arthritis.

Saidou the horse’s leg wounds 

When Saidou the horse was suffering from wounds on his leg, SPANA vets at our centre in Boghé, Mauritania, were on hand to help him...

Nayef the foal’s road to recovery

When Nayef was injured in a road accident, the foal was admitted to SPANA’s stables in Morocco for expert treatment.

How SPANA put the smile back on Damme’s face

Find out how SPANA vets in Ethiopia helped Damme, a nine-year-old horse, when he had an excruciating wound on his tongue.

Bora the horse’s irritated eyes

Bora means the world to his owner, Teklay. When Bora was suffering from an eye irritation, Teklay turned to SPANA vets in Ethiopia for help.

Dilla the donkey’s new harness

When Dilla the donkey was suffering from a harness wound, SPANA vets in Ethiopia were on hand to treat his injury and provide invaluable training...

Mesale the horse’s teeth trouble 

When Mesale the horse had problems with his teeth, SPANA vets in Ethiopia were on hand to give him the treatment he needed.

Salli the horse gets her mojo back

Salli the horse had lost her appetite and was losing weight. Find out how SPANA vets in Mauritania provided the urgent care she needed.

Molla the donkey’s leg wound

Molla the donkey had a serious leg wound that needed expert treatment from SPANA vets in Ethiopia. 

Lina the horse’s parasite problem

Lina the horse was losing weight and had no energy. Find out how SPANA vets in Tunisia gave her the essential treatment she needed.

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