Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Working Animal Success Stories

A horse involved in an accident on the road at a SPANA centre in Ethiopia

How SPANA got Triny the carthorse back on his feet

When Triny was injured in an accident on the road, SPANA vets in Ethiopia were on hand to provide the urgent treatment he needed.

A mother donkey and her foal graze after being rescued from flash floods in Iraq

Climate crisis: How SPANA vets helped flood victims Jiyan and Karwan

This International Working Animal Day (15 June), we’re highlighting the devastating impact climate change is having on the lives of working animals like Jiyan and...

Helping working animals in Guatemala

We have helped working animals in Guatemala with veterinary clinics, welfare educational programmes & other projects. Find out about working animals in Guatemala

A SPANA vet from India treats a horse who was injured in a road accident

SPANA helps Sultan the horse get back on his feet

Find out how SPANA provided emergency treatment to Sultan the horse when he was involved in a road accident in India.

A SPANA vet in Zimbabwe checks the eye of a donkey suffering from an eye infection

Sbema the donkey’s excruciating eye infection

When Sbema the donkey was suffering from a painful eye infection, SPANA’s veterinary team in Zimbabwe provided the vital treatment she needed.

A working donkey waits for treatment at a SPANA clinic in Ethiopia

How SPANA vets saved Bulla the donkey from lameness

Bulla the donkey received expert care from SPANA vets in Ethiopia when she was suffering from the agony of overgrown hooves.

A working donkey at SPANA's veterinary centre in Mauritania

Pape the donkey’s road accident

Find out how SPANA vets in Mauritania helped Pape the donkey when he was injured in a road accident.

A working donkey waits for treatment at a SPANA mobile clinic in Mali

How SPANA saved Musa the donkey from a dangerous leg wound

When Musa the donkey injured his leg while working at a rubbish dump, SPANA’s vets were on hand to give him urgent treatment.

A camel with suspected scabies was treated by SPANA vets at a mobile clinic in Tunisia

Rescuing Ramil: how SPANA treated Ramil the camel for painful scabies

SPANA’s veterinary team in Tunisia treated a camel suffering from an excruciating itch and a dangerous skin infection.

An owner seeks treatment for his horse at SPANA's veterinary centre in Ethiopia

Shalo the horse’s overgrown hooves

Find out how SPANA’s veterinary team in Ethiopia helped a horse who was struggling to walk.

A working donkey receives treatment for an eye injury at a mobile clinic in Zimbabwe

Major the donkey’s sight-saving eye treatment

When Major the donkey hurt her eye, vets at SPANA’s mobile clinic in Zimbabwe were able to treat her injury – and save her sight.

A SPANA vet treats a working horse at a mobile clinic in Tunisia

Issam the horse’s visit to SPANA’s mobile clinic

Issam the horse received treatment at a SPANA mobile clinic in Tunisia for a painful bit wound.

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