Donkeys in Tanzania forest
Donkeys in Tanzania forest

SPANA Charity Appeals

A horse suffering from habronemiasis stands on the road.

Save working animals from deadly diseases with pioneering programmes

The risk of infectious disease for working animals is increasing in developing countries. Help transform their lives by donating today.

A donkey grazes on a dry river bed during droughts in Botswana.

A world in crisis: Help transform the lives of working animals for generations to come

Our world is in crisis. Donate now to help transform the lives of working animals for generations to come.

Emergency appeal: Save working animals from devastating earthquake in Morocco

Working animals in Morocco have been hit by a devastating earthquake. Donate now to help provide lifesaving food, water and veterinary care.

Three donkeys rummaging through plastic at a rubbish dump.

Don’t let plastic be a working animal’s last meal. You can help save them.

SPANA vets see thousands of working animals suffering after eating plastic, which can be deadly without treatment. Will you please help?

A horse suffering from malnutrition is being treated by SPANA veterinarians. The animal is thin and weak and its ribs are exposed through its skin.

Malnutrition: Help working animals during this time of crisis

During this time of economic hardship, so many working animals are suffering from malnutrition, leaving them desperately weak as they fight for survival.

A donkey in Ethiopia with a visible harness wound on its chest.

Unbearable harness wounds are making every day a misery for working animals. Will you help them?

Working animals are suffering from the unbearable agony of preventable harness wounds. You could transform their lives.