Donkeys in Tanzania forest
Donkeys in Tanzania forest

SPANA Charity Appeals

A horse suffering from lameness was brought to the SPANA veterinary centre for treatment.

Help save animals from agonising lameness

Every day, thousands of working animals endure the unbearable pain of lameness, preventing them from standing or moving normally. They need your help today.

A man feeds a group of cows in the aftermath of the devastating floods and landslides in Tanzania.

Tanzania floods and landslides: Save displaced and injured animals

Working animals in Tanzania have been hit by devastating floods. Donate now to help sick and displaced animals receive the urgent help they need.

Victims of the donkey skins trade wait masses together in an encosure in Africa.

Donkey skin trade: Help save donkeys from being slaughtered for herbal remedies and beauty products

Donkeys are being killed for their skins for traditional Chinese medicine. Please help to stop the slaughter.

A horse suffering from habronemiasis stands on the road.

Save working animals from deadly diseases with pioneering programmes

The risk of infectious disease for working animals is increasing in developing countries. Help transform their lives by donating today.

A donkey grazes on a dry river bed during droughts in Botswana.

A world in crisis: Help transform the lives of working animals for generations to come

Our world is in crisis. Donate now to help transform the lives of working animals for generations to come.

Emergency appeal update: Save working animals from devastating earthquake in Morocco

Working animals in Morocco have been hit by a devastating earthquake. Donate now to help provide lifesaving food, water and veterinary care.