Donkeys in Tanzania forest
Donkeys in Tanzania forest


A horse suffering from malnutrition is being treated by SPANA veterinarians. The animal is thin and weak and its ribs are exposed through its skin.

Malnutrition: Help working animals during this time of crisis

During this time of economic hardship, so many working animals are suffering from malnutrition, leaving them desperately weak as they fight for survival.

A donkey in Ethiopia with a visible harness wound on its chest.

Unbearable harness wounds are making every day a misery for working animals. Will you help them?

Working animals are suffering from the unbearable agony of preventable harness wounds. You could transform their lives.

a brown skinny horse standing in a paddock with medical equipment behind

Save working animals from the deadly disease, EZL

EZL is an extremely infectious and potentially deadly fungal disease that is blighting the lives of animals in Ethiopia. Will you please help?

A white Working horse working in a muddy field

Arthritis appeal: He can barely move, let alone work

Every day, thousands of working animals endure the unbearable pain of arthritis. Will you please help them?

Veterinarian treats donkey for dental disease

Save working animals from agonising dental disease

When dental problems are left untreated in working animals it can lead to starvation.

Working donkey suffering from parasites

Help treat working animals suffering from parasites

Parasites can cause everything from malnutrition to damaged organs – even death. Will you relieve working animals of the agony of parasites?