Donkeys in Tanzania forest
Donkeys in Tanzania forest


Help working animals survive the Covid-19 pandemic

Take a minute to consider working animals around the world that are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At this difficult time, help us reach more working animals

Thousands of vulnerable working animals are suffering in the world’s most isolated and hard to reach places.

Please help animals suffering from malnutrition

Take a minute to consider working animals around the world that have to endure the horrifying effects of malnutrition.

She can barely move, let alone work

A lifetime of backbreaking work with no hope of retirement. That’s the heart-breaking reality for most working animals in the countries where SPANA operates.

A brown horse named Dama infected with an EZL fungal infection on the right hand side of his face.

Working animals are dying from contagious disease

Working animals are dying alone and in agony as a result of highly contagious diseases, including epizootic lymphangitis (EZL).

Vet treating horse's eye

Working animals are facing life changing sight loss

Please help us to support working animals who are facing life changing sight loss.

Vet examining donkey in Zimbabwe

Help bring vital veterinary care to working animals

In Zimbabwe, donkeys carry heavy loads for long hours in unbearable heat with little food or water. We need your help to provide the care...