A cow receives treatment from vets following the devastating floods and landslides in Tanzania.
A cow receives treatment from vets following the devastating floods and landslides in Tanzania.

Help provide lifesaving treatment and feed for working animals during times of emergency

Devastating floods and landslides have caused terrible destruction in Tanzania, following months of heavy rainfall in late 2023 and early 2024. Hundreds have been killed and communities and their working animals have been displaced and left in dire need of lifesaving support.

Our SPANA teams on the ground have acted quickly to help provide:

  • 8,800 injured and abandoned animals with vital veterinary treatment
  • 3,200 starving animals with emergency feed
  • 618 community members with training on how to care for their animals during an emergency.

None of this would have been possible without the help of our amazing supporters.

Sadly, working animals are often forgotten in times of emergency, and animals affected by the floods could have lost their lives without our intervention. Sadly, the effects of climate change are wreaking havoc on the world’s most vulnerable communities. Extreme weather events such as flooding, storms, droughts and wildfires are becoming more intense and frequent. Torrential rains are expected to continue in Tanzania and could cause even more devastation.

We need your help to keep our teams on the ground and ready to provide aid and assistance during emergencies. Please donate today. Your support could save the lives of sick and displaced animals.

Maua the cow receives veterinary treatment after she was found sick and displaced following the devastating floods and landslides in Tanzania.
Maua the cow received treatment after being displaced from her home.

Maua’s story

Maua, meaning Flower, was found frail and displaced from her home following the terrible floods.

The poor cow, pictured here, was emaciated and had difficulty walking. She was weak and clearly suffering.

Maua was quickly brought to a mobile veterinary clinic in the village of Gendabi, Tanzania, for help.

Our vet team diagnosed her with babesiosis, an infectious disease spread by tick bites, which was causing her lack of appetite, lack of co-ordination and overall weakness.

Maua was given anti-parasitic medication to treat her tick-borne disease. The team also gave her some much-needed nutritious feed.

Thankfully, Maua made a full recovery. Our teams were also able to track down her worried owner, who was overjoyed to reunite with his beloved animal.

Your continued generosity could ensure other working animals like Maua receive the help they need during times of emergency. Will you please donate today? Thank you so much.

Thank you

Your generous donations will be used for projects such as those featured in this appeal and where they are required the most to help animals in need. We would be so grateful for whatever you can give to this emergency appeal. Thank you.

To speak to our friendly supporter care team please visit our contact us page and get in touch.