Four donkeys attached to cart by river
Four donkeys attached to cart by river

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  • SPANA has been the charity for the working animals of the world since 1923, providing veterinary care to horses, donkeys, mules, camels and elephants in low-income countries across the world.  The charity is transforming the welfare of working animals through global activities including ensuring the provision of veterinary treatment and care, training owners in animal care, teaching animal welfare lessons to children, and delivering emergency and outreach projects.
  • Globally, more than 200 million working animals have a key role transporting goods, water, food and firewood, as well as being used for agricultural production. By doing the jobs of trucks, tractors and taxis, working animals support the livelihoods of more than half a billion people.
  • Last year, SPANA provided vital care and support to more than 336,018 working animals in need across the world. This included 216,986 donkeys, 77,832 horses, 12,865 mules and 17,264 camels.
  • SPANA’s education programme teaches animal welfare lessons to children across the world, promoting positive attitudes, empathy and respect towards animals. Last year, SPANA teams reached more than 68,662 children – helping to ensure a better future for working animals.
  • SPANA also provides training for owners in animal care, helping to equip them with the skills and knowledge to care for their working animals. The programme is promoting good animal welfare practices and is helping to prevent avoidable problems that can require veterinary assistance. In 2023, SPANA trained 75,239 working animal owners.

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Discover some of our media coverage highlights:

  • Vet Times, February 2024. SPANA welcomes an announced moratorium that is to be implemented on the horrific donkey skin trade across Africa.
  • Charity Today, October 2023. SPANA officially celebrates 100 years of supporting the welfare of working animals.
  • London Live, October 2023. SPANA’s Chief Executive is interviewed about SPANA’s centenary, as the charity marks 100 years of vital care for working animals
  • Daily Express, June 2023. Highlighting our work supporting working animals facing the life-threatening impact of plastic pollution on working.
  • The Sun Online, June 2023. A spotlight on SPANA’s vital work helping working animals threatened by plastic waste.
  • Daily Mirror, June 2023. SPANA’s International Working Animal Day campaign highlights the deadly risk plastic pollution poses to the lives of working animals.
  • Your Horse, March 2023. SPANA celebrates success at the Charity Film Awards 2023.
  • Daily Star, October 2022. SPANA’s World Animal Day campaign highlights the plight of animals working in extreme conditions.
  • The Sun Online, October 2022. A spotlight on the harsh conditions facing working camels in ‘the world’s hottest workplace’.
  • Daily Express, June 2022. SPANA’s International Working Animal Day campaign highlights lack of awareness about the role of working animals in our daily lives.
  • Daily Mirror, June 2022.SPANA shines a light on how many everyday products start their journeys to our homes via the back of a working animal.
  • The Sun Online, June 2021. SPANA’s International Working Animal Day campaign reveals plight of working donkeys transporting water in Mauritania.
  • Daily Mirror, June 2021. SPANA highlights the vital role of working animals in transporting food and water in low-income communities across the world.
  • The Sun Online, October 2021. SPANA’s World Animal Day story reveals the growing threat to working animals from climate change.
  • Daily Express, October 2021. World Animal Day campaign highlights the impact of drought and climate change on working animals.
  • Daily Mirror, April 2021. Highlighting SPANA’s vital work helping the donkeys of the rubbish dumps in Mali.


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