Kate Hosali outside of SPANA centre

Our incredible journey

Kate Hosali examing a working horse

In 1923, Kate Hosali and her daughter Nina set off for North Africa in search of sunshine; a journey that would last a lifetime. As they travelled through the countryside passing bustling souks, remote communities and rural farms, they were inspired by much of what they saw. But they were also struck by the awful sight of donkeys, mules and camels – malnourished, weak, buckling under the weight of huge loads; suffering with wounds inflicted by poorly fitting harnesses.

These working animals were the lifeline of poor, marginalised communities, transporting vital food and water into the villages, taking goods to market and carrying people to work, schools and hospitals. They helped ensure these communities survived – often against the odds.

But the lives of these working animals were hard. With no access to professional veterinary care, they had to carry on despite their injuries, working through the pain.

Kate and Nina decided these noble, hardworking animals deserved better than a life of suffering and, once back home, founded SPANA; the first step in creating a more compassionate world for working animals.

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