Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

A donkey and her owner at a SPANA mobile clinic in Morocco.

Ahmina’s eye infection

An eye infection was threatening Ahmina the donkey’s vision. Read how SPANA vets soothed her discomfort and restored her sight.

A horse struggling to stand as a result of colic is brought to the SPANA clinic.

Yasmine’s colic emergency

As Covid-19 impacts us all, SPANA remains a lifeline for working animals that are suffering as a result. Read how Yasmine the horse was saved from a...

A SPANA vet treats a donkey for parasites.

Ayya’s mysterious weight loss

Ayya the donkey had lost her appetite and was becoming weak. Within a week, she became too lethargic to stand up. Her concerned owner had...

A SPANA vet sutures a wound in a car accident case, Ethiopia.

Necho’s nasty wound

Carthorse Necho was passing through a busy intersection in Bishoftu, Ethiopia when a car ploughed into him at full speed. He was badly injured. A...

SPANA humane education saves Wisky the dog

In Cameroon, where many families struggle to make ends meet, animals like donkeys, horses, dogs and cats are often overlooked or left to fend for...

A camel soldiers on

Fauji the camel gets important treatment from the SPANA vets.

Young girl with horse foal in Tunisia

A family check-up

A horse and her foal aren’t forgotten in rural Tunisia

A SPANA funded mobile clinic vehicle in Rajasthan, India

SPANA soothes a sore camel

Assaram’s flock of camels had already been devastated by disease. When one of his remaining camels, Deepak, became sick again, he turned to SPANA for...

A Kurdish herder and his donkey at a mobile clinic

Heroic Arman gets the help he deserves

After Arman the donkey helped his owners to start a new life in Kurdistan, SPANA was there to make sure he got the care he...

A newborn foal’s swollen leg

Horses like Ayata and her foal are a vital form of transport in rural Tunisia. Read how SPANA came to the aid of the foal,...

SPANA vets treat EZL wounds in Ethiopia

Kojo is rescued from the brink of a devastating infection

A serious illness threatens the future of a hardworking horse in Ethiopia. Read how SPANA vets were able to diagnosis one of the biggest killers...

Case study, Mobilise Dec 2019

SPANA vets break a cycle of suffering for Seydou

Hundreds of donkeys work pulling heavy loads up and down the dangerous rubbish dumps of Bamako, Mali. For one animal, the strain of the work had resulted...

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