Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Urgent care for Zenebe the horse’s eye condition

Every year, thousands of working animals around the world suffer from eye problems. Zenebe the horse had painful and irritated eyes and needed treatment to...

Klana the donkey receives the comfort she needs

Klana was suffering from wounds caused by a homemade harness. Find out how SPANA vets eased her discomfort.

Treating Modibo’s painful back wounds

Modibo was bitten by another animal, leaving him with painful wounds on his back. Find out how SPANA vets treated his injuries at our mobile...

Young girl and father with two brown hroses

A family check-up

Hundreds of donkeys work pulling heavy loads up and down the dangerous rubbish dumps of Bamako, Mali. For one animal, the strain of the work had resulted...

Diarra’s brush with tetanus

Diarra had suffered painful injuries and desperately needed medical intervention. Find out how SPANA vets treated her wounds before further complications could develop.

A SPANA Ethiopia vet treats a donkey for lameness during a mobile clinic

A limping donkey gets a helping hand

Salana the donkey was lame and struggling to take even a few steps. Read how SPANA vet in Ethiopia, Hanna Zewdu, intervened to relieve his...

A donkey is brought to the SPANA mobile clinic with EZL and mouth ulcers

Abraham’s excruciating brush with EZL

Abraham the donkey’s skin was covered in painful ulcers, which were spreading across his neck, chest and legs. He was in clear discomfort and becoming...

A brown carthorse favours her leg due to an undiagnosed case of lameness in Ethiopia

Neru’s mystery limp

In Ethiopia, Neru the horse was finding it difficult to walk and was struggling to put weight on her leg, which was a major cause...

A severely malnourished carriage horse in Mauritania

Covid-19 threatens Farook’s survival

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions on movement are having a devastating impact on the welfare of working animals across the world. As a result...

A donkey and his owner wait for treatment at a Bamako, Mali mobile clinic

Demba’s Tetanus Risk

Tetanus is a terrible disease that threatens thousands of working animals every year, but can be easily prevented. Demba was one of the donkeys at...

A SPANA vet applies ointment to a donkey's injured eye in Ethiopia

Jonathan’s corneal ulcer threatens his sight

Jonathan the donkey was suffering from a painful corneal ulcer when he visited SPANA's mobile clinic in rural Ethiopia. Our vets would need to work...

A horse's harness wounds are treated at a mobile clinic in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia

Mamo’s lockdown suffering ends

When 10-year-old horse Mamo came to the SPANA clinic in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia, he was in serious pain and suffering. The poor horse was malnourished,...

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