Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Mali rubbish and donkeys

Kadi gets help just in time

Struggling under a particularly heavy load, Kadi collapsed – overcome by dehydration, hunger and exhaustion. Read how SPANA vets rushed to the rescue.

Donkey's face

Kadin’s back on the road to recovery

Hardworking Kadin pulls heavy loads along Saharan roads every day. But painful back wounds were beginning to slow him down. 

Najia stands with her mother while receiving follow up care at home outside of Chemaia

A little survivor beats the odds

When two-week old Najia first came to the SPANA centre in Chemaia, Morocco, she could barely stand.

Regina lends a helping hand to animals in Tanzania

12-year-old Regina embraces a message of compassion towards working animals through SPANA's humane welfare education classes in Tanzania. 

Camel facing camera

A camel’s eye trauma

When Bari took a nasty knock to his eye, SPANA vets were quick to the scene to give medical attention.

Vet treats skin wound on donkey

Even Superman needs medical assistance

A donkey named Superman had his wound treated, thanks to his young owner and SPANA vets.

a donkey getting treatment in Mali

Nene’s injury threatens a village’s survival

Nene the donkey was in pain and struggling to walk. Read how SPANA helped here.

two donkeys in bamako with their owner

Treating Sikoloman the donkey in Bamako

When one donkey, Sikoloman, started having trouble walking, the SPANA vets were on hand to help.

a man walking his horse

Bezina is saved from a death sentence

EZL has devastated Ethiopia’s working horse population in recent years. Read how SPANA helped carthorse Bezina from suffering the same fate.

An APOWA aid worker feeds a malnourished working animal in the wake cyclone Fani

Supporting animals in the wake of cyclone Fani

When Cyclone Fani hit India’s costal Odisha region in early May 2019, it left a trail of destruction that placed thousands of working animals at...

a brown horse foal in morocco

A complicated pregnancy in rural Morocco

Complications during pregnancy can be life-threatening. But this mare and foal were saved, thanks to the the quick-thinking of their owner and SPANA vets.

two men with a horse in india

Saving animals in India’s deadly cyclone

Cyclonic Storm Titli made landfall in Odisha, India, on 11 October, bringing extensive flooding and landslide in its wake. Read how SPANA helped here.

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