Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Marie’s mystery weight loss

Marie the donkey was losing weight, and her worried owner, Bakary, wasn’t sure why. Find out how a visit to SPANA’s mobile clinic in Mali...

Bruno the donkey’s tetanus risk

Find out how swift action from SPANA vets in Mali ensured an injured donkey working on rubbish dumps was protected from tetanus. 

Emergency help for a newborn foal 

Two-day-old Sara was suffering from colic. Find out how SPANA vets in Morocco provided emergency treatment before her condition worsened. 

Dango gets back on the right foot 

When Dango the donkey started limping, SPANA vets in Ségou, Mali, were on hand to treat his overgrown hoof. 

Nana the donkey’s hoof treatment

Find out how the farriery skills of SPANA vets in Ségou, Mali, helped ease the discomfort of a donkey with sore hooves.

Plastic is far from fantastic for Zwina the foal

Find out how SPANA vets in Morocco acted quickly to save a young donkey from serious illness after she mistook a plastic bag for food.

Yves the donkey’s stable stay

Yves the donkey was suffering from a swollen wound on his back and needed to stay at SPANA’s stables in Mali for treatment.

Barika the donkey’s dental treatment 

Barika the donkey had lost his appetite. Find out how dental treatment by SPANA vets in Mali soon had him eating again.

Warda the foal learns to walk

Warda the infant mule was born with a severe condition that left her struggling to stand. Find out how intensive treatment from SPANA vets in...

Zinger the horse’s chronic conjunctivitis

In Ethiopia, Zinger the horse was suffering from chronic conjunctivitis. Find out how treatment from SPANA vets gave her the relief she needed. 

Abyad the horse’s road accident 

Abyad the horse was injured in a road accident. Find out how SPANA vets in Mauritania acted quickly to help him. 

Keera the water donkey’s harness wounds

Keera the donkey was suffering from nasty wounds caused by a problem with the water cart she pulls and needed immediate help from SPANA vets...

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