Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Horse Syam in his stable

A close call for Syam

Discover how SPANA's vets in Tunisia helped Syam the horse.

Raju the camel being treated in Rajasthan

Treating a weak camel in Rajasthan

Raju the camel received vital help and attention from SPANA-funded vets in India.

Jordanian animal education centre

Inspiring the next generation

Read the story of how one man took inspiration from our humane education programme as a young boy.

Soraya the mule with a vet and owner

Soraya the mule’s well-earned retirement

Read about Soraya the mule, who recently visited our vets in Morocco.

Helims the horse

Helmi’s fantasie ordeal

Discover how SPANA helped Helmi the horse after he was hit by a car.

Rafiq the horse and his owner

Rafiq’s remarkable recovery

Find out how we helped Rafiq who was left fighting for his life after being attacked by a bull.

Wassima the donkey pulling a cart

Treating Wassima the donkey

Our vets in Morocco were on hand to help pregnant Wassima the donkey.

Burnt donkey and his owners leave the centre following treatment

Soothing Anisah’s burns

Find out how SPANA vets helped Anisah the donkey beat the odds and recover from third-degree burns.

Knuckles the donkey in a cart pulled by other donkeys

Knuckles the donkey gets a new lease on life

Read on to find out how SPANA Zimbabwe came to the rescue of Knuckles the donkey

Mabrok the horse and his owners

Treating Mabrok’s colic

Read how our vets helped Mabrok the horse when he was suffering from colic.

Horse being treated by vets

Nursing Nizar back to health

Read how SPANA vets stepped in to ease the pain of Nizar the horse.

Schoolgirls sitting at desks in classroom

Showing love to Ghana’s animals

Read more about SPANA's work with the Ghana Society for the Protection and Care of Animals.

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