Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Working Animal Success Stories

Omar the donkey’s excruciating colic

Find out how SPANA’s veterinary team in Tunisia helped Omar, a donkey with a bad case of colic.

A lifesaving stay at the SPANA stables

Find out how SPANA’s veterinary team saved Went, a donkey who needed three days of intensive care at our veterinary centre in Mauritania.

two men applying a bandage to a cream donkey's face.

Helping Assimi the donkey harness a healthier life

When Assimi the donkey’s noseband caused a painful wound to develop across the bridge of his nose, SPANA vets in Mali were on hand to...

Zoro a grey horse receiving a kiss on the nose by a vet

How SPANA got Zoro the horse back on the road

When Zoro the horse suffered a horrific injury to his leg, his owner took him straight to SPANA’s veterinary centre in Marrakech for emergency treatment.

Two men, one a SPANA vet with a brown small horse. The horse is being held by one of the men while the men talk to each other.

Zewdu the horse’s sore mouth 

Zewdu the horse had lost his appetite. Find out how SPANA vets in Ethiopia gave him the vital care he needed and got him eating...

Three men, two holding a light brown donkey and the third in a light blue SPANA coat injecting the donkey in his neck.

Oumar the donkey’s lameness

When Oumar the donkey was brought to SPANA’s mobile clinic in Ségou, Mali, with lameness, our vets were on hand to help him get better. 

Two men, one in a purple shirt holding a brown mule. The other man in blue scrubs holding the mules mouth. The mule has brightly coloured bags on his back

Leila the mule’s sore withers

Leila the mule’s ill-fitting pack saddle had caused a painful wound to develop on her withers. Find out how SPANA vets in Morocco eased her...

white mule's face with a metal contraption round its face and in its mouth. The mule is at the dentist.

Bono the mule’s visit to the SPANA dentist

Find out how SPANA vets in Morocco helped an elderly mule in need of urgent dental treatment.

A man wearing a black leather jacket standing holding a brown horse in front of stables

Parasites are a problem for Lana the horse 

Lana the horse was seriously under the weather. Find out how SPANA vets in Tunisia helped her on the road to recovery. 

A SPANA vet examining a brown horses mouth with another man holding the horses reins.

Kassa the horse is saved from EZL agony 

Epizootic lymphangitis (EZL) can be deadly if it isn’t diagnosed quickly. Find out how SPANA vets in Ethiopia were able to help Kassa the horse...

Two vets and a donkey with one vet holding its nose and the other examining one of its back hooves

Easing Selim the donkey’s arthritis agony

When SPANA vets in Morocco received a call about a lame abandoned donkey, they acted immediately to help him out. 

head of a brown horse wearing a green harness with a smiling man holding the harness

Miruts the horse’s urgent EZL treatment

When Miruts the horse developed epizootic lymphangitis (EZL), SPANA vets in Ethiopia worked quickly to treat this deadly disease. 

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