Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Burnt donkey and his owners leave the centre following treatment

Soothing Anisah’s burns

Find out how SPANA vets helped Anisah the donkey beat the odds and recover from third-degree burns.

Knuckles the donkey in a cart pulled by other donkeys

Knuckles the donkey gets a new lease on life

Read on to find out how SPANA Zimbabwe came to the rescue of Knuckles the donkey

Mabrok the horse and his owners

Treating Mabrok’s colic

Read how our vets helped Mabrok the horse when he was suffering from colic.

Horse being treated by vets

Nursing Nizar back to health

Read how SPANA vets stepped in to ease the pain of Nizar the horse.

Schoolgirls sitting at desks in classroom

Showing love to Ghana’s animals

Read more about SPANA's work with the Ghana Society for the Protection and Care of Animals.

Children holding poster with domestic animals

Campaigning against animal cruelty in Sierra Leone

Read more about our work with Campaign Against Cruelty to Animals in Sierra Leone.

Dumsani guiding Ovayo to stroke a donkey

Educating empathy on the eastern cape, South Africa

SPANA-supported Farm Animal Centre for Education is helping to change children’s attitudes to animals.

Mohamed and Ayoub

Alleviating Ayoub’s suffering

Read about how SPANA saved Ayoub the horse from suffering.

Horse being treated by SPANA vet

Improving Dama’s appetite

Read about Dama's path to recovery and treatment thanks to SPANA.

Nobel the donkey eating grass

A close call for Nobel

Find out how SPANA Botswana came to the rescue of Nobel the donkey.

Aziz the camel after treatment

Aziz’s visit to the dentist

Read how Aziz the camel's love of dates harmed his teeth and how SPANA helped him.

Mahdouda the horse pulling a cart where a happy kid smiles

Mahdouda: lucky by name

Following a terrible road accident, Mahdouda was badly injured and needed immediate veterinary care.

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