Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Zawadi donkey being treated by a vet

An ear-itating injury

Read how our SPANA mobile clinic came to the rescue of Zawadi the donkey.

Amir and his horse Zouhara

A stitch in time for Zouhara’s chest wound

Discover how SPANA vets helped Zouhara the horse in Morocco.

Bitoo the camel and owner

Bitoo’s life-threatening infection

Find how we helped Bitoo the camel in India.

Man standing with horse

A caring new owner for Latifa

Read how SPANA helped give horse Latifa the care she needed.

yasmina the donkey recovering after surgery

Yasmina’s ballerina toes

Discover how SPANA vets helped Yasmina when she was struggling to walk after developing a ligament condition.

Negus the horse and his owner

Helping Negus to breathe easy

Read how the SPANA team in Ethiopia helped Negus the horse.

Brown donkey foal

Kofi’s committed owners

Find out how we helped Kofi the donkey foal in Ethiopia.

Horse Syam in his stable

A close call for Syam

Discover how SPANA's vets in Tunisia helped Syam the horse.

Raju the camel being treated in Rajasthan

Treating a weak camel in Rajasthan

Raju the camel received vital help and attention from SPANA-funded vets in India.

Jordanian animal education centre

Inspiring the next generation

Read the story of how one man took inspiration from our humane education programme as a young boy.

Soraya the mule with a vet and owner

Soraya the mule’s well-earned retirement

Read about Soraya the mule, who recently visited our vets in Morocco.

Helims the horse

Helmi’s fantasie ordeal

Discover how SPANA helped Helmi the horse after he was hit by a car.