A donkey stands in piles of rubbish, including plastic and rotting waste, as it rummages for food.
Thousands of working animals' lives are at risk from eating plastic.

The lives of working animals like Zaki are at risk from accidentally eating plastic

Desperately hungry working animals roam rubbish-strewn streets and souks, searching for something edible to eat. In their attempt to find food, they may accidentally eat plastic. The resulting issues can be life-threatening.

Sadly, SPANA vets see so many donkeys and horses who need lifesaving treatment from ingesting plastic. If we can treat them in time, they have a good chance of survival. That’s why our work is so vitally important. In many of the countries where we work, SPANA is the only hope for working animals who become seriously ill after unintentionally eating plastic.

Without SPANA, many of these animals simply would not survive.

As issues like drought and the rising cost of living force more hungry animals to scavenge for food, we need your support now more than ever. A gift from you can provide urgent treatment and care to animals who unwittingly eat plastic while desperately seeking their next meal. You can also help prevent working animals suffering from eating plastic through owner advice and emergency fodder.

When you consider that £21 could provide a week of emergency feed, you can see just how far your donation can go.

Please, if you can, consider making a donation today. Thank you so much.

Thank you

Your generous donations will be used for projects such as those featured in this plastics appeal and where they are required the most to help animals in need.


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