Vet treating horse in South Africa

Wherever and whenever we’re needed

In addition to our core veterinary and education work, SPANA also operates veterinary and education outreach programmes.

Veterinary Outreach and Partnership Projects:

Working tirelessly from SPANA’s network of clinics around the world, our dedicated vets, trainers and teachers reach hundreds of thousands of animals in need every year, as well as the communities that depend on them. But with up to 200 million working animals spread around the globe, SPANA teams cannot be everywhere.

This is why we invite applications from local animal welfare organisations who understand the needs of working animals in their own communities. Providing veterinary care, training or community education, these grassroots organisations receive not only our financial support, but also access to SPANA’s collective expertise and hands-on experience in the field. This enables us to reach working animals far beyond our core countries, providing both immediate relief and improving long term animal welfare right across the world.

We have carefully chosen the projects that share SPANA’s values and commitment to working animals and will also provide the greatest positive impact.

Each year, we will give up to £5,000 in funding for each outreach project. At the end of the year we will carry out a complete assessment to determine whether the project could grow in to a longer term SPANA partnership.

Our veterinary outreach programme is now open for applications – find out how to apply for funding.

Click the map markers below to read more about our current veterinary outreach projects.

Education Outreach Projects

Education is the key to making significant long term changes to improve the lives of working animals.SPANAs outreach programme allows us to effectively build an extensive network of education projects across the world, reaching as many children as possible. We target areas that have the greatest dependence on working animals. Through multi-contact interventions we aim to change the attitudes and behaviours of the children and their communities.

Working with trusted partners charities we benefit from local knowledge and expertise. Each education project is tailored to best serve the needs of the children and animals in that community. This ensures we can address specific local needs, provide a relevant and accessible education programme, in the most cost effective way.

We fund projects grants of up to £5000 running in alignment with the school year. We use evaluation and monitoring to inform the success of the project.