Owner and horse at SPANA clinic

Sharing knowledge

…and building skills. Free veterinary care is vital, but it can never tackle the root causes of animal suffering. So SPANA works hard to support the development of skilled veterinary services around the world, while also helping working animal owners and local suppliers to play their part in improving welfare standards.

Building infrastructure

Across the developing world there is a huge, unmet need to establish and improve veterinary services.
Our teams work in partnership with veterinary schools to develop the skills and knowledge of experienced vets and students alike. It’s a sustainable approach that builds capacity and leaves behind a network of experienced and well trained vets and animal health workers.

Mother donkey with heavy load leading smaller donkey

Improving services

Many animals still suffer from preventable illnesses and injuries caused by poor nutrition and ill fitting equipment. SPANA works directly with local food suppliers, harness makers, farriers and others, meaning we can drive improvements in animal welfare that last.

Working with animal owners

Owners learn how better welfare standards can improve productivity, resulting in economic gain. They can also use workshops to identify opportunities to work together for mutual benefit, such as creating a cooperatives to bulk-buy high quality feed.

A horse owner receiving a new SPANA harness pad for his horse

SPANA’s community development team runs workshops with owners to improve knowledge of good animal welfare practices. These courses help owners understand the impact of overloading, overworking, poor nutrition and other avoidable problems. They also help put an end to harmful traditional practices such as nostril slitting and firing, which cause so much unnecessary pain and suffering.