Ethiopian students with SPANA workbooks

At SPANA, we understand the essential role that working animals play in developing countries. But we believe that a life of work needn’t be a life of suffering – compassion, respect and empathy are the least that any hardworking animal deserves.

From the very earliest days of SPANA, education has been central to our work to relieve the suffering of working animals. Of course, we must equip owners with the essential knowledge to care for their animals properly, but if we’re to develop empathy, compassion and respect for animals, our work must begin at a much younger age. Our education team runs programmes in each of our permanent countries, helping children to develop these positive, compassionate attitudes towards animals, which are vital to the future wellbeing of working animals.

SPANA’s humane education programme reaches children at a young age, teaching the value of kindness before attitudes become fixed. Working through existing animal club networks and supporting teachers in delivering humane education within communities far beyond the reach of our veterinary programme, we reach over 60,000 children a year.

You can find some of our learning tools, and further information on our education programmes below, including details of our interactive animal welfare busses.

Ethiopian student grooms tadele the donkey


Find our useful tools for teaching children about the five animal freedoms and animal welfare

Ethiopian students with their hands raised to answer question


Read about our education programmes for veterinary centres, schools and on the road via our education busses.