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could pay for anti-inflammatories to ease a horses pain


could pay for a lifesaving course of treatment for a horse suffering from EZL


could pay for a four week course of potassium iodide to kill off the EZL infection



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Bullo was left for dead

It’s hard to imagine the torment Bullo was suffering, infected with a potentially deadly disease called Epizootic Lymphangitis (EZL). He’d been abandoned and tethered to a tree with barbed wire around his neck. Painful, pus-filled nodules were spreading across his limbs – some  of which had developed into ulcerated lesions.

No-one would stop to help Bullo. But we did.

SPANA vets found Bullo and gave him immediate, lifesaving treatment.  But, right now, many thousands of horses are suffering and in urgent need of help.

SPANA runs a major EZL treatment programme in Ethiopia, so with your help our vets really can make a vital difference to more horses like Bullo. With a gift of £15, you could help save more horses from the misery of EZL.

Please donate £15 to save a horse like Bullo from the agony of EZL.