Working horse with EZL and face abrasions in Ethiopia
Excruciating fungal disease EZL had put Damma’s life at risk.

Damma’s story

Damma, a nine-year-old carthorse, transports goods and people in the village of Denkaka, Ethiopia. He works long hours to help support his 17-year-old owner, Abebe.

When painful ulcers erupted across Damma’s face and neck, Abebe panicked. The thought of losing his beloved horse was unbearable.

At the SPANA clinic, our expert vets confirmed Abebe’s fears: Damma was diagnosed with EZL (epizootic lymphangitis) and they quickly isolated him from the other animals. He was given anti-inflammatories to relieve the pain. His ulcers were cleaned, and he was given medicine to help him fight the infection.

After the treatment, Abebe was able to take Damma home. But this was just the beginning of a long recovery and Damma had to return to the clinic every week for treatments and check-ups. The vets also showed Abebe how to treat Damma’s wounds at home to help him recover faster.

Finally, 15 months after he was first diagnosed, Damma was free from EZL. His life was no longer in danger.

Damma was lucky: SPANA’s early intervention saved his life and prevented EZL spreading to more carthorses in Denkaka.

Sadly, other working animals aren’t so fortunate. We urgently need your support to save animals like Damma from the life-threatening consequences of EZL. Will you please donate today?

SPANA vet giving treatment to a working horse with EZL
A SPANA vet treating Damma at our clinic in Bishoftu, Ethiopia

The deadly fungal disease, EZL, is so contagious that animals with symptoms are often abandoned and left to die. SPANA’s work is therefore vital, not just to provide treatment, but also to raise awareness and educate owners about the early warning signs of EZL and how to protect their animals from it.

Your help can stop thousands of working animals becoming infected with EZL. If you are able, please give today so we can act fast, provide treatment and stop this dangerous disease from destroying more animals’ lives.

Thank you so much for your support.

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Your generous donations will be used for projects such as those featured in this EZL appeal and where they are required the most to help animals in need.


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