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Every day, working animals are at risk of serious injuries because of the hazardous environments they work in. Our veterinary teams treat common workplace injuries daily, like harness wounds, but they must also be ready to provide emergency treatment for working animals suffering from serious injuries. These can be caused by anything from traffic accidents to wild animal attacks.

In an instant, severe injuries can demand urgent surgery and long-term care in our stables, and can quickly become life-threatening.

Our vets are committed to being there for working animals in their moment of need, but we can only help them with your support.

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Jamil the donkey and his owner, Yatim

Jamil’s story

Jamil the seven-year-old donkey transports water near Chemaia, Morocco. His backbreaking work supports his owner, Yatim, and the entire local community.

Jamil was carrying out his vital work one day when he was hit by a speeding horse cart. The sharp and rusty metallic corner of the cart rammed deeply into Jamil’s left rump as it passed him. His flesh tore, and he was left with a huge, painful gash, exposing bright red muscle.

Disoriented, Jamil struggled to remain upright as he felt the piercing pain of the huge wound. Passers-by turned their eyes away in horror. It was shocking to see such a serious injury and the young donkey in obvious pain.

The hot and dusty conditions were unforgiving as Jamil tried to move his body forward.

Yatim was beside himself with worry. He was miles from the nearest veterinary centre.

This was an emergency – Jamil had a serious injury and needed urgent lifesaving treatment.

Yatim ultimately rented a pick-up truck to drive 18 km with his donkey to our SPANA centre in Chemaia. Our vets immediately rushed Jamil into the clinic and stopped the bleeding. They then prepared him for urgent surgery to close the wound. Jamil was given a general anaesthetic and his injury was cleaned with antiseptic.

Working quickly and carefully, the vets stitched up the open wound and applied a padded bandage to promote healing. To stop infection, they gave Jamil antibiotics and a lifesaving tetanus vaccination.

Jamil needed round-the-clock care because his injury was so serious. Every day for four weeks, our attentive team carefully cleaned and redressed his wound and gave him pain medication.

Fortunately, Jamil’s terrible injury healed, and the brave donkey made an incredible recovery. Yatim was so happy to have his donkey home.

‘Thank you, SPANA, for saving our precious donkey,’  Yatim said.

Jamil’s shocking injury meant he needed round-the-clock veterinary care

Without our intervention, Jamil would have spent the rest of his life in severe pain. Sadly, many other working animals like him face the risk of serious injury every day, but have no one to help them in an emergency. They face a lifetime of pain and, in the worst cases, death.

Animals with serious injuries demand intense treatment, including X-rays, surgery and long stays at our SPANA centres. Treatment by our veterinarians may be the only hope they have.

Your kind support could provide emergency treatment and a haven of care for animals suffering from critical wounds. Please give a gift today so we can be ready to respond to working animals in crisis with the urgent intervention they desperately need.


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