Lameness is a huge issue in many of the countries where SPANA works

Sadly, lameness is one of the most common issues that working animals face, causing suffering for thousands of working animals every year. The ongoing impact of growing global poverty has put unprecedented pressure on many animal owners leading to more animals being overworked and in danger of becoming lame.

The good news is that there is a solution to this widespread problem. Whether they are providing treatment, expert farriery, owner training or holistic care at our stables, SPANA vets, technicians and farriers are committed to treating and preventing lameness in as many working animals as possible.

With your help, we can treat and prevent debilitating lameness in working animals today.

Could you make a donation today, so that more working animals can be saved from the misery of lameness? Thank you.

A horse suffering from lameness caused by overwork stands with his eye closed.
Dondi’s painful limp was a visible sign that the carthorse was suffering from debilitating lameness.

Dondi’s story

Every day, Dondi the horse pulls a taxi cart around the dusty and uneven streets of Nouakchott, Mauritania. Dondi’s owner, Alioun, relies entirely on his 17-year-old horse to earn a basic living.

As the economic crisis in the country worsened, Alioun had been left little choice but to increase Dondi’s working hours and load to make ends meet. As a result, Dondi had been overworked, and to make things worse, Alioun was struggling to provide the nutritious feed that his hardworking horse so desperately needed.

Recently, Alioun became concerned when his beloved animal developed a limp. The horse was unable to bear any weight on his right front leg. He lost his appetite and became progressively more listless. Every step was agony. Alioun was devastated to see Dondi in such intense discomfort. It was clear that his horse had become lame.

Thankfully, Alioun knew the one place he could bring his horse for help: the local SPANA centre.

A lame horse receives treatment from SPANA vets for a muscle strain causing lameness.
‘I am truly grateful for the exceptional care provided by SPANA. Dondi’s condition has improved remarkably, showing the incredible impact the team have on the lives of working animals.’ – Alioun

How SPANA vets helped Dondi

At our Nouakchott centre, our veterinary team carefully examined Dondi’s leg.

They checked for signs of injury and made sure that his hoof was free from any foreign material. After a full examination, Dondi was diagnosed with a muscle strain, which was causing his lameness.

Our vets administered an anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling and relieve Dondi’s pain.

Sadly, Dondi’s overloaded cart had also been causing his harness to dig into his skin, causing painful wounds. The team gently cleaned Dondi’s wounds with disinfectant before applying a special ointment to help them heal.

Following the initial treatment, Dondi was kept in the centre for two weeks so that he could recover. During his stay, he was given some much-needed rest, nutritious feed and clean drinking water. When the horse’s condition improved, his hooves were trimmed by a skilled farrier so that his feet could better distribute the weight of the cart.

The team explained to Alioun the importance of good nutrition, regular hoof trimming and improving the working conditions for Dondi to prevent future injury. They also showed Alioun how to correctly fit his harness, and provided a plan for reintroducing Dondi’s work safely.

Alioun was so grateful to see his beloved horse healthy again.

By making a donation today, you can help prevent the agony of lameness for years to come. Thousands of animals require treatment for lameness each year, but we also need your support to prevent this agonising problem by promoting good farriery among vulnerable communities that rely on working animals.

Will you please donate today? Thank you so much.

Thank you

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