Donkeys pulling cart on rubbish dump

Animals in Mali need your help

Despite exhaustion, hunger, thirst and pain, Kadi has to keep going. Animals like Kadi work on Mali’s rubbish dumps until they can’t go on any more. Walking over broken glass and twisted metal with a back-breaking load of rubbish weighing her down, this exhausted donkey couldn’t take any more. Her legs gave way and she collapsed in the mud.

Life doesn’t get any tougher for a donkey than working on the rubbish dumps of Bamako, Mali’s capital city. Donkeys are collapsing and dying from starvation and dehydration. They are also in real danger of catching the potentially fatal disease, tetanus, through injuries inflicted by rusting metal and broken glass.

Your support can provide vital care to animals in desperate need like Kadi. Please help today.

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