Imagine living in a vast remote area with no access to nearby healthcare, where your nearest hospital is miles away from your home.

Unfortunately, this bleak situation is all too real for animal owners like Mr Mudemba who lives in Kasvisva, a small village in Zimbabwe, with no permanent veterinary services close to his home.

He grew very worried when his donkey, Mheri, developed a sarcoid, a painful swollen ulcerated tumour, on her lip that made it agonising for her to open her mouth and affected her ability to eat properly. Thankfully, SPANA’s mobile vets were making one of their visits to Mr Mudemba’s community and so he immediately took his donkey to be treated by them. If our vets hadn’t been in the area, Mheri would have continued to struggle in pain and her condition would have worsened.

There is such an urgent need for our mobile clinics. Please will you help keep our mobile clinics stocked with medicine and surgical materials?

Many of the families who live in Zimbabwe’s rural areas live in poverty and depend on the mobile clinics to help treat their animals. Without them, they would have nowhere to turn to and their animals would surely suffer as a result.

Please will you help us reach more vulnerable animals like Mheri and save them from agony?

One Off

could pay towards the fuel and maintenance costs to keep a mobile clinic on the road for a week, so we can reach sick and injured working animals.


could pay for basic surgical materials including bandages, sterile gloves, sedatives and syringes to help supply the mobile clinic vets with everything they need to care for working animals in need.


could pay for medicine and lifesaving treatments to help treat animals like Mheri from life threatening conditions.