A donkey injured in the Morocco earthquake receives treatment from a SPANA vet.
A donkey injured in the Morocco earthquake receives treatment from a SPANA vet.

You can still help working animals affected by the devastating earthquake in Morocco by donating today

Our work is ongoing to ensure that working animals affected by the disaster are receiving the critical treatment, feed and water they need. SPANA is also helping the working animals who are supporting the rescue efforts by transporting much-needed supplies to the worst-hit communities. With many isolated mountain roads destroyed or blocked with debris, working donkeys and mules have been essential to the rescue effort. These invisible heroes are bringing essential water and food to those affected by the disaster, in cut-off communities.

Sadly, the situation is still dire and there will be a long road to recovery for working animals, their owners and the communities that depend on them. SPANA is committed to helping them but we cannot do it without you.

Please donate to our emergency appeal and help us to reach more animals in need of lifesaving care. Thank you so much for your generous support.

A horse carries feed supplies to distribute to animals affected by the earthquake in Morocco.
A mule carries feed supplies to distribute to animals affected by the earthquake.

8 September 2023

A powerful earthquake hit central Morocco on Friday 8 September, just after 11pm local time. Thousands have been killed and survivors are without clean water, food and shelter. Within minutes, communities and their working animals’ lives have been turned upside down. They are in desperate need of immediate, lifesaving support.

11-12 September 2023

Within days of the deadly earthquake hitting Morocco, SPANA teams were on the ground providing critical support and lifesaving care to vulnerable working animals whose lives have been turned upside down. We worked in affected areas across the Atlas Mountains, including in Anougal and Oulad Mtaa.

SPANA’s Chief Executive, Linda Edwards, and Director of Global Animal Welfare, Dr Linda Evans, travelled to Morocco during the week to support our local teams as they provide a lifeline for vulnerable working animals.

Among the many working animals we have been able to help this week, thanks to our supporters, was a donkey who had collapsed. The donkey was diagnosed with a painful neck injury and received treatment from our veterinary team. Our vets are providing ongoing care for the donkey as it recovers at our SPANA centre in Marrakech.

15 September 2023

Among the many working animals we’ve helped is a donkey who had been trapped in the ruins of Imi N’Isli for six days without food or water. Following a two-hour rescue led by the UK International Search and Rescue (ISAR) team, SPANA vets and a very lucky donkey walked out of the ruins to a rapturous round of applause. After receiving emergency treatment, feed and a very large bucket of water from the SPANA team, the donkey was reunited with his overjoyed owner, farmer Mohammed Oumassoud. On learning that the donkey had no name, the leader of the ISAR rescue team proposed a new moniker for the heroic donkey: Solene, meaning solemn. The donkey is expected to make a full recovery from his ordeal. Watch the video below to find out more about the ambitious rescue effort.

A donkey receives roadwide treatment from SPANA staff after the Moroccan earthquake.
A donkey receives roadside treatment from the SPANA team following the earthquake.

16-17 September 2023

SPANA teams, led by our Country Director, Professor Hassan Alyakine, distributed 20 tonnes of animal feed across seven villages in the region of Imlil. On 16 September alone, SPANA reached 400 mules and other working animals in dire need.

18 September 2023

SPANA teams worked in villages across affected areas, including Ouzid, Moulay Brahim, Asni, Amizmiz, Amaghras and Amazi. Our vets delivered vital treatment to 13 donkeys suffering from wounds and other injuries.

20 September 2023

Our teams visited six villages and delivered vital veterinary treatment to 43 animals, including working mules and donkeys. Wounds, lameness and respiratory problems were among the most common issues treated by our vets.

22 September 2023

A SPANA team visited the village of Marigha and provided essential veterinary treatment to sick and injured animals, including 20 donkeys, four goats and three sheep. While SPANA’s primary focus is also helping working animals in desperate need, the team is offering essential care to other animals they encounter who need our help, such as cows, goats and sheep.

25-26 September 2023

SPANA teams were focused on providing feed to working animals and taking calls on specific issues.

27 September 2023

SPANA vets travelled to Oukaimden where they treated 83 equids (60 mules and 23 donkeys) suffering from harness wounds and lameness. The animals worked long hours every day since the earthquake to transport essential supplies to affected communities.


A donkey receives treatment by SPANA vets following the devastating earthquake in Morocco.
A donkey receives treatment by SPANA vets.

Donate today to provide emergency veterinary care, food and water to injured and abandoned animals.

Morocco was one of the first countries SPANA started working in, following our foundation 100 years ago, in 1923. Today, Morocco is home to our largest global programme and we remain committed to supporting the country’s working animals.

SPANA is currently working in the area affected by the Moroccan earthquake, in an effort involving three of our local teams. Our activities are focused on providing lifesaving veterinary treatment, care and food to injured and abandoned working animals.

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